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Japan wants to bring space travel into the city
Cylindrical steel and glass towers protrude through solar panels on the vast circular roof of the futuristic, four-story Spaceport City.The spaceport rises from an island that floats in Tokyo Bay, ...

What Trump and Biden’s travel schedules tell us about the state of the race
Since he spoke in Charlotte at the Republican National Convention in August, the president has traveled seven times to North Carolina, a state he won in 2016. But it is telling th ...

How to Travel Abroad to Work From Home
My partner and I both felt we could get away, safely. So we packed the large bottles of sanitizer, double-checked the Wi-Fi and off we went.

JetBlue CEO expects better forecasts for travel during the holidays
JetBlue’s total operating revenue declined 76 percent year-over-year to $492 million in its third quarter report. The company has also cut its cash burn from $9.5 million a day during the second ...

COVID-19 Tracking Poll Alert: Growing Majority Of Americans Unlikely To Travel, Eat Out, And Other Bad News As Case Counts Surge
As a second wave of coronavirus infections and hospitalizations builds across most of the country, a clear majority of Americans still aren't comfortable taking a vacation, dining out, or going to a ...

New Yorkers Urged to Avoid Travel During Holiday Season
New York City is ramping up enforcement of quarantines for out-of-state travelers, part of an effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus during the holiday season.

Nearly 200 airports in UK and Europe could go bust due to collapse in air travel
Nearly 200 airports across the UK and Europe are at risk of going bust within months due to the dramatic collapse in air travel caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the European airports trade body ...

NJ Expands COVID-19 Travel Quarantine List To 41 States
The list keeps growing. NJ updated its coronavirus travel advisory, expanding the quarantine list to its biggest ever again. Here's where.

California added to New York's travel quarantine list, travel to Massachusetts discouraged
Another neighboring state was added to the list week. As with Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, the Cuomo administration is requiring a quarantine when traveling back and forth, but it asking ...

Looking for clarity on the race? Watch where Trump and Biden travel.
The best way to tell which states President Trump and Joseph R. Biden Jr. think are in play is to track their campaign travel.

De Blasio to New Yorkers: 'Do not travel out of state for the holidays'
De Blasio said Tuesday that because of the public health crisis, city residents should forego their usual trips to see family for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Chicago adds Florida to its travel quarantine order; Michigan could be next in line
The city of Chicago added Florida to its travel ban and warned that Michigan could be added next week as coronavirus cases continue to rise, public health Commissioner Dr. Allison Arwady said Tuesday.