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Semi-truck Driver Deliberately Crashes Into Murder Suspect's Car to End Police Chase in San Diego
A semi-truck driver crashed his vehicle into a murder suspect’s car fleeing a police pursuit in Pomona, California, on April 6.The suspect drove a black pickup truck through several counties as police ...

These 10 great truck stops surprise travelers with everything from dog parks to bidets
Truckers and regular consumers want a lot of the same things: easy access, clean bathrooms and good food. These offer all those features and more.

Phoenix police identify 11-year-old girl who died in head-on collision with armored truck
An 11-year-old girl died four days after she was involved in a head-on collision between a sedan and an armored truck in west Phoenix in March, police said on Monday. Police identified the girl as Jia ...

2 arrested after police say stolen truck ran red light downtown Sunday, injuring 3
A man and a woman have been arrested after three people were injured when a stolen Chevrolet Silverado crashed into two other cars just south of downtown Indianapolis Sunday night, according to police ...

Truck seized over 'munitions of war,' 5 forgotten bullets
WASHINGTON (AP) — Gerardo Serrano ticked off the border crossing agents by taking some photos on his phone. So they took his pickup truck and held onto it for more than two years. Only after Serrano ...

From a truck that looks like a haunted house, tasty San Diego tacos and crunchy quesadillas
Frank’s Monster Munchies is a truck you don’t forget once you’ve seen it. For around three years it has been a hulking green-and-black machine roving the breweries of Hampton Roads, adorned on its ...

Gunshots strike Michigan fire truck leaving station
Someone fired five gunshots at a Detroit fire truck that was leaving its station to respond to an emergency on Saturday evening, April 10. No one was injured in the attack but the emergency vehicle ...

A truck driver was trying to park his car for the night. He wound up ending a high-speed chase.
A California truck driver ended a high-speed chase by deliberately crashing his semi-truck into a murder suspect's vehicle.

Fatal crash in Johnson County involving pickup truck and SUV carrying a family of 4
An SUV carrying a family of 4 collided with a roofing pickup truck west of Gardner, killing one child, injuring two other children and the driver, said Shelby Colburn, public information officer with ...

Truck seized over “munitions of war,” 5 forgotten bullets; Supreme Court could take up forfeiture case
Gerardo Serrano ticked off the border crossing agents by taking some photos on his phone. So they took his pickup truck and held onto it for more than two years.

2021 Jeep® Gladiator Texas Trail Celebrates Largest Truck Market, Jeep Badge of Honor Program Adds Two Texas Trails
Stock quotes by finanzen.net AUBURN HILLS, Mich., April 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Jeep® brand is blazing new trails in Texas, the largest truck market in the country, by introducing the new 2021 ...

Truck seized over ‘munitions of war,’ 5 forgotten bullets | Raleigh News & Observer
When Serrano refused to hand over the password to his phone, the agents went through the 2014 silver pickup truck in great detail. They justified its seizure by saying they found “munitions of war” ...