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Natasha Tupper of The Polished Institute unveils the "Polished To Win Masterclass" hosted from Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Accomplished author and speaker Natasha Tupper of The Polished Institute unveils the “Polished To Win Masterclass” hosted from Grand Rapids, Michigan. The ...

‘Big Little Lies’ alum James Tupper on the new series based on the legendary books ‘The Hardy Boys’
The Hardy Boys’ premieres on Hulu this Friday. This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News, Dec. 2, 2020. "Christmas She Wrote" premieres Sunday at 8pm on Hallmark channelThis segment aired on the ...

Valedictorian and salutatorian recognized at Carey
H. Frank Carey High School announced that Gianna Montante and Anna Tupper are the valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively, of the Class of 2021. With an overall weighted GPA of 103.21, […] ...

Anne Heche Splits From Baby Daddy And Demands Child Support!
One-time divorced Heche is also asking that Tupper pay any legal fees she may endure during the court battle. Anne split with DeGeneres in 2000 after a three year relationship, and in September ...

Creating a culture of lifelong learning without a ‘job for life’
Employees and employers alike are changing their attitude towards continual education attainment. Find out how lifelong learning can create a resilient workforce.

Hulu's The Hardy Boys is tinged with supernatural elements & '80s nostalgia, but still loves a good mystery
It was clear from the show’s gritty trailer that Hulu’s recent incarnation of The Hardy Boys would be different from the series of children’s mystery and adventure novels that were first published in ...

Tupper Lake village board trustees sworn in
Tupper Lake village board Trustee Jason McClain is sworn in Tuesday by village Clerk Mary Casagrain on his first night in the position. (Provided photo — Ron LaScala) TUPPER LAKE — Village board ...

Hulu's 'Hardy Boys' Preview the Family of Sleuths' Dark Origin Story
After countless reimaginings and five different TV adaptations, long-time fans will finally get to see how Frank and Joe Hardy stumbled into sleuthing with Hulu's reboot of The Hardy Boys. The series ...

Seth Tupper
Seth Tupper has been named SDPB’s new Business and Economic Development Reporter. Tupper is based at SDPB’s Black Hills Studio in Rapid City.Raised in ...

Alexander Elliot, Rohan Campbell & James Tupper Talk Bringing The Hardy Boys to Hulu
The cast of The Hardy Boys talks about bringing their classic literary characters to life in the new Hulu television series.

Chase the Chill volunteers to spread warmth
It’s not unusual this time of year for the Joplin community to look like a yarn bomb went off after volunteers colorize the town by hanging up scarves, hats and ...