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New Cuba health incident reported after US official hears 'undefined sounds'
Cuba's Foreign Ministry confirmed Sunday that a female U.S. diplomat fell ill last month after hearing "undefined sounds" in her Havana residence. The May 27 incident marks the latest mysterious health incident involving a U.S. official in the country.

Cuba says 'undefined sounds' at home left US embassy official feeling ill
Diplomats at the US embassy in Havana have reported a number of unexplained sonic disturbances and health symptoms. Photograph: Desmond Boylan/AP Cuba released details on Sunday on the latest mysterious health incident involving a US diplomat in the ...

Cuba investigates 'undefined sounds' after US diplomats tested for brain injury
The Havana home of US diplomat who heard "undefined sounds" has been investigated by Cuban authorities in the latest of a string of bizarre incidents in Cuba. A report released on Sunday (Monday morning NZT) says Cuban officials learned of the ...

Syracuse kangaroo court repeatedly lied to fraternity pledges in satire trial, group says
Kent Syverud may have a benignly kooky name, but the chancellor is putting Syracuse University “on a course toward censorship of the worst kind: undefined censorship that can be punished after the fact, even though not foreseen.” So said a Syracuse law ...

Cuba releases details of ‘undefined sounds’ incident causing U.S. diplomat’s ‘health symptoms’
HAVANA – Cuba released details Sunday on the latest mysterious health incident involving a U.S. diplomat in the country, saying that Cuban officials learned of the episode late last month when the U.S. said that an embassy official felt ill after hearing ...

This Nail Artist Turned Fingernails Into Working Combs and the Internet Is Freaking Out
Anyone who has natural hair or regularly air-dries their hair knows about finger-combing, a technique that allows you to detangle and separate your hair without a typical brush or comb, which can lead to frizz and undefined curls and waves. But a manicure ...

US official in Cuba fell ill after hearing 'undefined sounds'
Police are urging parents in Newcastle, NSW, to walk their children to primary school after the knifepoint assault yesterday. Attempted robber hit by car after confrontation WA Police are investigating after an attempted robber was hit by a car in Balcatta.

Video: Active Vs. Passive Still Undefined
This is the final video of the "Off the Cuff" video series. We hope you have enjoyed it. In this episode, President of Investment Research at Valuentum, Brian Nelson talks about the new theorem of the stock market, and why the future is inherently ...

What You Must Know About AeroVironment Inc’s (undefined:AVAV) 8.30% ROE
AeroVironment Inc (NASDAQ:AVAV) generated a below-average return on equity of 8.30% in the past 12 months, while its industry returned 12.01%. Though AVAV’s recent performance is underwhelming, it is useful to understand what ROE is made up of and how it ...