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Federal solitary confinement rules unconstitutional, B.C. judge says
Justice Peter Leask says the practice of isolating prisoners for undefined lengths of time is unconstitutional, but he suspended his decision for 12 months to give the government time to deal with its ramifications. The British Columbia Civil Liberties ...

Undefined is my definition
Parfois has launched its spring-summer campaign – which makes one stop and think about the labels we apply throughout our lives. A modern vision of the world and of what it means to be a woman, the campaign seeks to break boundaries and follow the ...

EY: Banks to shift priorities toward digitization in 2018
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The stock of DAKOTA PLAINS HOLDINGS UNDEFINED (OTCMKTS:DAKPQ) registered an increase of 12.34% in short interest. DAKPQ’s total short interest was 231,300 shares in January as published by FINRA. Its up 12.34% from 205,900 shares, reported previously.

Martinez’s legacy undefined as she approaches final session in charge
Gov. Susana Martinez leaned in, and a discernible vigor crept into her voice. Speaking at a news conference earlier this month about her proposed state budget, the former prosecutor seemed in her element, discussing an issue that has come to define her two ...

An Undefined Narrative: Blurring The Boundaries Between Fashion And Gender
We join hands with Lakmé Fashion Week and Godrej India Culture Lab to spotlight India’s young designers who are blurring the boundaries of gender, and learn that they are questioning, recreating and producing an alternate vocabulary and imagery to make ...

Potential Storm Georgina: How and when it will impact UK
lt;img class="styles-A54tP4F3__noscript__12c_l" src="https://v.w-x.co/Hair_Spins_In_The_Wind_2_21457477547_mp4_video_1280x720_2432000_primary_audio_eng_4_1280x720_21456453922.jpg" srcset="undefined" > <img class="styles-A54tP4F3__noscript__12c_l" src ...

Trump’s Bogus Terrorism Figures are Designed to Scare
The problem is that like the Sessions analysis, yesterday’s report by DHS and DOJ lumps together terrorism convictions and the undefined category of “terrorism-related charges.” While the DOJ list cited by the new report has not been made public ...

Enhanced Digital Measurement Finally Lets Brand Advertisers Become Performance Marketers
The concept of people-based marketing enables brands to center campaigns around individual consumers and reach these real, live people wherever they are, as opposed to simply targeting broad swaths of undefined users. By recognizing specific users as they ...

B.C. Supreme Court judge says solitary confinement rules unconstitutional
Justice Peter Leask says the practice of isolating prisoners for undefined lengths of time is unconstitutional. The British Columbia Civil Liberties Association and the John Howard Society filed the legal challenge in 2015, calling solitary confinement a ...