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News for Universal Studios

Even Universal Studios' Twitter Is Throwing Shade At The Guest Who Jumped Out Of A Ride Tram
A guest caused some problems on the Universal Studios Studio Tour and the theme park's Twitter account has it's own way of trying to help.

How Universal Studios Is (Smartly) Getting Guests To Keep Coming Back
As such, the parks have had to find ways to not only bring in guests, but keep the same guests coming back. Universal Orlando Resort may have found the perfect way to keep guests coming back to the ...

Walt Disney World, Universal Studios to end temperature checks for guests
As temperature checks end, coronavirus safety measures such as face coverings and social distancing requirements will remain intact.

Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando are relaxing these COVID safety protocols — will others follow suit?
State lawmakers in Florida are set to remove local COVID-19 mandates, but theme parks are still imposing their own restrictions.

Universal Studios Hollywood extends ticket sales to out-of-state guests, but there are restrictions
Universal Studios Hollywood announced it will now be allowing out-of-state visitors into the park. The theme park officially reopened its gates on April 16 after being closed for over a year due to ...

Universal Studios Offers Exciting New Details About Their Jurassic World VelociCoaster
Universal Studios explained the attraction, "From the moment they enter the attraction, riders will be confronted by Velociraptors from Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment’s blockbuster ...

Disney World, Universal Studios eliminate temperature checks, relax other COVID-19 restrictions
Walt Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida are relaxing some of their coronavirus restrictions. Disney says that they will begin phasing out temperature checks, ...

Twister’s Bill Paxton Gives On-Set Tour and Pitches Universal Studios Ride (Flashback)
Twister’ turns 25! Back in 1996, Bill Paxton walked ET through the destruction sets of the tornado thriller. The late actor and Helen Hunt drove through a house in one memorable scene, and he ...

Universal ends temperature checks at theme parks, and Disney World makes changes, too
Starting Thursday, no one will need to have their temperature taken to enter Universal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure and Volcano Bay, according to Universal’s website. You can also stand three ...

Covid US: Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando end temperature checks for visitors
Disney said they will no longer carry out screenings for guests from May 16. Universal adopted the same policy regarding temp checks effective Thursday.

Disney World, Universal Studios stopping temperature checks for guests
Universal said it would immediately end temperature checks, while Disney World will phase out screenings this month.

Disney World, Universal Studios to end temperature checks at end of May
Walt Disney World and Universal Studios will be ending temperature checks in May after Florida moved to lift the rest of its statewide mandatory coronavirus restrictions.