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News for Urbeats

Save $30 on these Beats, in-ear headphones
The holidays are quickly approaching, so why not tackle your gift list early by snagging this pair of urBeats in-ear headphones for 30% off. SEE ALSO: Light up the party with this wireless Bluetooth speaker According to the product page, these headphones ...

The Ultimate Black Friday 2017 Tech Deals from Phones to IoT Devices
Target: urBeats for $50; Beats Studio2 Wireless Headphones for $160; Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones for $160, with Target gift card; Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones for $240. Best Buy: Sony Extra Bass Sports In-Ear Headphones for $40; JayBird In-Ear ...

Apple Launches New urBeats 3 Earphones
Apple launched several new products at its first event ever at the new Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino. It has quietly launched another product that wasn’t mentioned during the event, for good reason, since it doesn’t really warrant time on the big stage.

Apple releases new Apple Watch bands, updated urBeats w/ Lightning connectivity, more
The company has unveiled new cases for the iPhone, as well as new Apple Watch bands and a few new Beats products… Apple quietly released an updated version of the urBeats earbuds in the form of the urBeats3. These still proudly rock the 3.5mm headphone ...

Apple releases rose gold versions of Solo2 Wireless & urBeats headphones
Apple on Thursday released new faux rose gold versions of its Beats Solo2 Wireless on-ear headphones, as well as its urBeats in-ear headphones. The addition mirrors the rose gold color options for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. In April, Apple similarly added ...

Don't get burnt buying fake Apple products
Let's take Beats headphones as our first example. A quick search on eBay for the popular urbeats earphones brings up sellers offering them for a meagre $47.50. Apple sells the urbeats for $129.95 in their stores and Harvey Norman sells them for $98.

urBeats 2nd generation with wireless features next month?
With the iPhone 7, or iPhone 6 SE, as some people are calling it due for release next month, there is one area of concern that we have already touched on, which is the lack of headphone jack. If this is in fact true, then we are sure to see Apple push the ...

Apple Retail Employees Gifted With urBeats Earphones for the Holidays
Apple has gifted its retail employees with a set of urBeats earphones for the holidays, reports MacRumors. Each year the company gives employees a gift to thank them for their efforts. Employees have begun receiving their 2015 holiday gift from Apple ...

Fancy a thump on the ear?
The new urBeats in-ear earphones are tiny and lightweight and yet reproduce amazingly deep bass. And they look really cool with metallic radial etching on the housing, which is precision-machined as a single finished piece so it’s tough and durable.

HTC Sensation XL is official; Huge 4.7-inch display, 1.5GHz chip and exclusive urBeats headphones
HTC has today announced its new flagship Android handset, the HTC Sensation XL, finally confirming the release of the giant 4.7-inch smartphone that many will have known as the HTC Runnymede, debuting another of Beats outfitted device that has ...