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U.S. Navy carriers conduct South China Sea drills as Chinese ships watch
Two U.S. Navy aircraft carriers are conducting exercises in the contested South China Sea within sight of Chinese naval vessels spotted near the flotilla, the commander of one of the carriers, the USS ...

US Navy says it's 'not intimidated' by China's missiles as Beijing bristles over US aircraft carriers in South China Sea
As Chinese media boasted about its "carrier killer" missiles, the US Navy responded that it is "not intimidated" by China's arsenal.

‘Not Intimidated’: US Navy Tweets Response To Chinese Tabloid On Carrier-Killer Missiles
"And yet, there they are," the U.S. Navy responded to a tweet from the Chinese website Global Times that U.S. aircraft carriers are in the South China Sea "at the pleasure" of the People's Liberation ...

South China Sea: US Navy Shows Off Massive Strike Power; China Says Carriers There 'At Their Pleasure'
Both China and the U.S. are busy conducting military exercises in the South China Sea while criticizing each other for stirring up tensions in the global waterway.

How the F-15 Nearly Became the Navy's Sea Eagle
Key Point: The F-15 is an excellent plane. But it carrier-based version was passed over. Back in the 1980s and 1990s, a Dynamic Duo symbolized U.S. military airpower. The Air Force had its powerful ...

With Beijing’s Military Nearby, U.S. Sends 2 Aircraft Carriers to South China Sea
The deployment of an American aircraft carrier and its strike force is often used as a signal to deter adversaries. Deploying two at once is recognized as a significant show of force.

Chinese tabloid tweets about ‘aircraft carrier killer’ missiles, US Navy responds
The paper, which has been described as a "jingoistic tabloid," said Beijing has a “wide selection” of these missiles, and any U.S. carrier “movement in the region is at the pleasure” of the People’s ...

China criticizes U.S. naval drills in South China Sea
The U.S. Navy said over the weekend that the USS Nimitz and the USS ... and insists that the waters and the airspace above be free to all countries. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories Please ...

US sends two Navy carriers to the South China Sea during Chinese military exercise
China dismissed the U.S. criticism of its drills on Friday and suggested the United States was to blame for increasing tensions.

U.S. Sends Major Military Muscle to the South China Sea
The U.S. Navy and Air Force conducted a joint operation in the South China Sea this weekend. The exercise included two carriers, USS Reagan and USS Nimitz, and a B-52H Stratofortress heavy bomber.

U.S. Navy Sends Aircraft Carriers, Warships to South China Sea for Drills
Two U.S. Navy aircraft carriers with warships in tow will conduct military exercises in the South China Sea as Washington and Beijing accuse each other of stoking tensions in the region. In the coming ...

U.S. sends carriers to South China Sea during Chinese drills
Two U.S. aircraft carriers were conducting exercises in the disputed South China Sea on Saturday, the U.S. navy said, as China also carried out military drills that have been criticised by the ...