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Amazon updates the Fire 7 with USB-C, improved battery life and a small price increase
Amazon on Wednesday announced that it has refreshed its entry-level Fire 7 tablet. The company's most popular tablet happens to be its cheapest, but it's getting s ...

Anker's new USB-C dock lets M1 Mac users run three monitors
Anker has launched a new 10-in-1 docking station that not just provides USB-A ports, but also allows M1 Mac owners to run up to three displays.

Anker's Latest USB-C Docking Station Brings Triple-Display Support to M1 Macs
While Apple's early M1-based Macs can only officially support a single external display, there are ways around the limitation. Anker is ...

Amazon debuts new Fire 7 tablet with USB-C, longer battery life
Amazon has debuted a new version of its entry-level Fire 7 tablet with a slightly higher price tag, a USB-C port, and longer battery life. The latest Fire 7 model is the next generation of the ...

Amazon refreshes Fire 7 tablet with USB-C, finally
The newest Amazon Fire 7 tablet for 2022 finally has a USB-C port, among other upgrades. It also has a higher price, however.

Amazon’s $60 Fire 7 tablet finally gets USB-C
Amazon puts out new version of their tablet, along with its kids-focused counterpart, featuring a USB-C port and 40% upgrade in battery life to 10 hours.

Amazon’s new Fire 7 tablet finally has a USB-C port
Amazon is updating its small and inexpensive Fire 7 tablet for the first time in three years, and it’s bringing some crowd-pleasing features: the updated tablet will feature USB-C charging, better ...

Poll: Have you used your phone's USB-C port for anything else?
Your phone's USB-C port is commonly used for charging, data transfer, and occasionally tinkering. But do you use it for anything else?

Amazon refreshes its Fire 7 tablets with faster CPUs, longer battery life and USB-C
Amazon has introduced its next generation of Fire 7 and Fire 7 Kids tablets, which it says is faster and can last longer than previous models. The new Fire 7 has double the RAM of the previous ...

If future iPhones switch to USB-C, what will that mean for their sound quality?
Indeed, Apple has reportedly already started testing USB-C iPhones. Rumour has it that the switch will materialise in next year’s iPhone 15 (with this year’s iPhone 14 models retaining Lightning) and ...

USB-C makes sense for iPhone, does it finally make sense for Apple?
Apple's switch to USB-C on the iPhone was always going to be controversial, but now the company has the cover it needs.

After Apple’s switch to USB-C on iPhone, AirPods and more will also get USB-C
The USB-C iPhone rumor reemerges almost every year, giving fans hope that Apple might finally make the switch. But up until this year, we never had any real reason to believe that Apple will replace ...