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ADDMAN Engineering Looks to the Future with VELO 3D
VELO3D Inc., a leader in additive manufacturing (AM) for high-value metal parts, today announced that ADDMAN Engineering (ADDMAN), one of North Americ ...

Somerset Patriots’ Shawn Semple, armed with more velo, living the dream as an improving, N.J.-born Yankees prospect
Somerset Patriots right-hander Shawn Semple is a New York Yankees prospect from Voorhees, N.J. who made the most out of minor league baseball being canceled in 2020.

The VELO Road Trip Beyond Boundaries: San Diego
You probably don’t need to be reminded of San Diego’s main draws, like its dazzling shoreline and heavenly year-round climate. But spend a day with award-winning events designer Sarah Grossman, and ...

Albanian Institutions Fail to Give Information on Impending Demolition of Cultural Monument
This is a collaborative investigation between Exit.al and Citizens Channel The Municipality of Tirana and the Institute of Construction have failed to respond to freedom of information requests filed ...

Wagner Machine Company Takes Delivery of VELO3D Manufacturing Solution for 3D Printing ‘Impossible’ Parts
VELO 3D Inc ., a leader in additive manufacturing (AM) for high-value metal parts, today announced the delivery of a state-of-the-art aluminum F357 metal AM solution to Wagner Machine Company, a ...

Inside The Velo Project voted Sunshine Coast’s best brunch spot
The GPS has us turning off the main road into Mooloolaba and weaving our way through the residential backstreets of the coastal suburb, past homes and an alleyway lined with industrial bins.

Bendigo Velo Cafe's 'very lucky' escape after tyre smashes through store
WORKERS at a Bendigo venue say it is lucky that no one was injured during a bizarre incident on Friday night. It was about 10pm when a rogue tyre came loose from a four-wheel-drive on High Street and ...

Velo De Veronica - Contemporary Staged Figurative Photograph on Metallic Paper, 2018
Available for sale from Gallery 1202, Lee Oscar Gomez, Velo De Veronica - Contemporary Staged Figurative Photograph on Metallic Paper (2018), Photograph ...

Ceremony to remove ghost bike in Montreal marks progress on cycling safety
Seven years after cyclist Mathilde Blais was killed in an underpass on St-Denis St., the “ghost bike” marking the site of the tragedy is headed for a museum. In a ceremony Sunday morning ...