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Venezuela Receives 100,000 Russian Sputnik-V Vaccines, VP Says
We're tracking the latest on the coronavirus outbreak and the global response. Sign up here for our daily newsletter on what you need to know. Venezuela received the first 100,000 doses of the ...

Venezuela oil production on tentative upswing
Venezuela’s crude production has recovered to around 500,000 b/d, mainly from the Orinoco heavy oil belt. By Argus The volume compares to 360,000-390,000 b/d […] ...

Venezuela receives donated coronavirus vaccine from China
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that 500,000 doses of China's Sinopharm coronavirus vaccine had arrived in the South American country, along with protective material for medical personnel.

US Sanctions on Venezuela Have Failed To Achieve Anything but Needless Death and Misery
US analyst Daniel Kovalik takes a look at the recent conclusions of the UN special rapporteur on the impact of sanctions.

Venezuela approves use of China's Sinopharm coronavirus vaccine
Venezuela has approved the use of China's Sinopharm vaccine against the novel coronavirus, the South American country's health ministry said on Monday, after it began administering Russia's Sputnik V ...

Maduro complains sanctions are hurting Venezuela's ability to fight the pandemic and consequences
Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro on Monday denounced international sanctions against his country, saying they have limited the government’s ability to fight the health and economic effects of the ...

Venezuela inoculates health workers in Caracas hospital
One of the main hospitals in Venezuela’s capital of Caracas is vaccinating health workers against COVID-19 and on Tuesday will begin the inoculation of Cuban doctors who are stationed there, the ...

UPDATE 1-Venezuela detects Brazilian variant of coronavirus in the country -President Maduro
Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday said authorities have detected the Brazilian variant of the novel coronavirus in the country.

Coronavirus live news: Tunisia records first cases of UK variant; Italy nears 100,000 Covid-related deaths
Tunisian health ministry says it has detected more transmissible variant first noted in UK; 343 further deaths take Italy toll to 98,288 ...

Venezuela Receives 100,000 Russian Sputnik-V Vaccines, VP Says
Venezuela received the first 100,000 doses of the Russian Sputnik-V coronavirus vaccine on Saturday, Vice President Delcy Rodriguez said on state television. Rodriguez said U.S. sanctions on Venezuela ...

Russia's Sputnik V expands reach in Latin America
Russia's Sputnik V has seen rising popularity across Latin America as more countries announce shipments and deals to purchase the Covid-19 vaccine.