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News for Venezuela Stamps

Venezuelan President Announces 30 Percent Minimum Wage Increase
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced a 30 percent increase of the country's minimum wage and food stamps on Thursday in a Bolivar state speech.

How the Left Got Where It Is in Venezuela (and What to do About It)
Chávez seemed to be proposing that a rubber stamp of Pink Tide legal politics might function in the neighboring country. It was preposterous. That model, which was already in danger in Venezuela at ...

Cubans Pay Homage to Hugo Chavez
Across the island, Cubans paid tribute to Bolivarian leader Hugo Chavez on the first anniversary of his passing. In Havana, a documentary film and a photo exhibit was opened, plus the cancellation of ...

Venezuela's Story: Democratic Paths to Authoritarianism
Once considered one of the most stable democracies in Latin America, Venezuela is now a country in crisis. Two men claim to be president, inflation runs rampant, citizens suffer from intense food and ...

Angels of the Road: With no first responders volunteer bikers saving lives in emergencies
Venezuela’s deepening crisis has gutted emergency ambulance services, so a group of volunteer paramedics has stepped into the void to offer life-saving help on the tough streets of Caracas.

Venezuela's Chavez Supports Palestinian State at UN
Venezuela recognized Palestine and inaugurated ... with a colonial and imperialist stamp. It did not begin in the Middle East, but rather in Europe. What was and continues to be at the heart ...

His history of persecution and torture serve as an inspiration for helping others
Edinson Calderon received an almost fatal beating by the police in his country of Venezuela. He escaped and passed through four countries before crossing the border into the United States, where he ...

Denton USPS Shipping Store Announces a New Line of Stamps from the United States Postal Service
Denton, TX – A Denton USPS shipping store, Pack ‘N’ Mail, has revealed that the United States Postal Service (USPS) has announced a new line of stamps to celebrate 50 years since the first ...

Human Trafficking Accompanies Illegal Mining in Venezuela’s Orinoco
Venezuela’s eastern Bolívar state serves as a hotspot for ... camps in these regions often uncover sex trafficking networks but such operations fail to stamp out the criminal activity.

EU slaps sanctions on 19 more Venezuelan officials
BRUSSELS — The European Union on Monday imposed sanctions on 19 more officials in Venezuela accused of undermining democracy or rights abuses in the crisis-torn South American country.

Stamp duty holiday 'to be extended until end of June' as think tank calls for the tax to be scrapped altogether
The stamp duty holiday could be extended by three months, according to a media report. As part of his Budget plans next week, Chancellor Rishi Sunak will be moving the deadline from 31 March to the ...

Calls to make stamp duty cut permanent to boost house sales
Chancellor Rishi Sunak has been urged not to end the stamp duty holiday which is due to finish next month. A new report by the right-leaning Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) said the tax break had ...