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News for Victoria Secret

'Bra'-zen theft caught on security camera at Victoria's Secret
A man was caught on security camera emptying a drawer full of bras from a Victoria’s Secret in Marlborough, Massachusetts. In surveillance video released by the Marlborough Police Department, the man can be seen looking around the store at the Solomon ...

She took her dead baby shopping at Victoria's Secret. Then a guard smelled her bag.
Tiona Rodriguez had a plan on Oct. 17, 2013. The then-17-year-old had already completed the first part of her plot the day before: kill her newborn, according to the New York Daily News. The teenager left her family’s house in Brooklyn, New York, on Oct ...

Victoria's Secret Angel Josephine Skriver Looks Fine in Pink Beach Lingerie
Josephine Skriver found herself at the beach without a standard sexy-as-hell swimsuit, so instead ... she went with the pretty-in-pink lingerie look. The Victoria's Secret Angel rocked the racy lingerie during a photo shoot near the beach in Miami Wednesday ..

This Victoria's Secret angel is the queen of Instagram and makes $70,000 a post
29-year-old Candice Swanepoel became a Victoria's Secret Angel in 2010. She is now one of the most famous models in Victoria's Secret lineup. Swanepoel reportedly earns $70,000 on each Instagram post. Candice Swanepoel has been crowned the most ...

Learn to Surf Indoors With Victoria’s Secret Angel Martha Hunt
Victoria’s Secret Angel Martha Hunt dropped by Surfset New York City for a surf-inspired training session that took place entirely indoors. Watch Hunt pop-up, paddle, and plank her way to a better body, all from the comfort of a Manhattan studio.

Victoria's Secret model Nina Agdal opens up about being body-shamed
Last week Megyn Kelly opened up about being body-shamed as a chubby teen. On Monday she is joined by supermodel Nina Agdal, whose magazine cover shoot was allegedly dropped because she didn’t fit into the sample sizes. “It creates this illusion that ...

Victoria's Secret parent L Brands, Signet could be hurt by late start to the tax season
Victoria's Secret parent company L Brands Inc. LB, -0.08% and Signet Jewelers Ltd. SIG, -2.03% could get squeezed by the late start to the tax season, say Instinet analysts led by Simeon Siegel. The IRS announced earlier this month that it will begin ...

The 10 Highest-Earning Victoria's Secret Angels
Walking in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is pretty much the holy grail of modeling achievements. It puts models on the map, not just in terms of recognition but also earning potential. There's an important difference between the models who walk in the ...

Former Brothel Kingpin Says Police Wrong About ‘Victoria’ Boss
After police arrested Sasithorn Wirathepsuporn as the person responsible for running Victoria’s Secret, where eight sex workers have reportedly been proven to be underage. But former brothel boss turned politician Chuvit Kamolvisit said Sasithorn is ...

Mom found shopping at Victoria’s Secret with dead baby in bag pleads guilty to manslaughter
NEW YORK — A young woman who was caught with her dead newborn baby in a bag at a store in Manhattan has pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Tiona Rodriguez, then a teen, was suspected of shoplifting when she was stopped by security at a Victoria’s Secret ...