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News for Victoria Secret

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Victoria topped off the look with her signature dark lenses, so she was instantly recognizable, and she tucked a cream clutch into her arm, making for an effortless, hands-free fashion moment. While we could all dress up in rainbow like VB, it's no secret ...

Panty thief makes off with almost $1,700 worth from Victoria's Secret in Rock Hill
Rock Hill police are looking for a man who allegedly stole almost $1,700 worth of women's underwear. According to the police report, an employee at Victoria's Secret in the Rock Hill Galleria shopping mall saw a man walk into the store and grab 100 pair of ...

Black Woman Handcuffed And Humiliated After Returning A Bra To Victoria’s Secret
Victoria Secret’s seems to be following in Target’s footsteps. A Black woman from Tennessee claims that she was racially profiled and handcuffed in one of the lingerie locations when she returned a bra back to the store. According to FOX 13, an ...

Howard University Graduate Was Treated Like She Wasn’t Worth A Damn At Victoria’s Secret
The list of racist retail incidents across the nation just got its latest addition after a Howard University graduate detailed the racial profiling horror — complete with handcuffs— that she was subjected to during a visit to a Victoria’s Secret in ...

Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams Celebrates Victoria's Secret's New Summer Collections
Maisie Williams is ready for summer with Victoria’s Secret‘s latest collections! The 21-year-old Game of Thrones actress helped reveal the brand’s hottest summer lingerie and beauty products this week at Penthouse Victoria in London, England.

Victoria’s Secret manager calls police on Black woman for returning bra
Jovita Jones Cage says she was racially profiled and handcuffed while shopping at a Victoria's Secret. (Photo courtesy of WREG Memphis screengrab) Just when you thought incidents of #ShoppingWhileBlack couldn’t get any more egregious, a Victoria’s ...

Maisie Williams Rocks Ruffled Corset Top for Victoria's Secret Event in London
Maisie Williams steps out to celebrate Victoria’s Secret‘s new summer collections! The Early Man star recently checked out the latest summer lingerie and beauty items at Penthouse Victoria in London, England. Maisie rocked the Victoria’s Secret Dream ...

These brands are benefiting from fumbles at Victoria's Secret
Missteps at L Brands' Victoria's Secret are opening up the door for other lingerie retailers to tap into an underserved market. Today's female consumers are increasingly turned away by Victoria's Secret overtly sexy image. The brand was made famous for its ...

Victoria’s Secret Semi-annual Sale Is On Now: Here Are 4 Great Deals
If replacing some old bras, panties and workout gear you no longer wear is on your spring cleaning to-do list, you’re in luck. The semi-annual sale from Victoria’s Secret is happening now, so not only can you get some new essentials, but you can save a ...

Victoria’s Secret Angel Martha Hunt Breaks Down Her Summer Style Strategy
When it comes to clothes, Martha Hunt doesn’t do complicated. Though she's regularly seen on the runway in all things glitzy and pink thanks to her status as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, Hunt prefers to keep her off-duty look comparatively pared-down.