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News for Victoria Secret

Victoria's Secret model Bridget Malcolm shares empowering message about body image after gaining weight
March 14, 2018 - 11:01 CET Chloe Best Victoria's Secret model Bridget Malcolm has opened up about gaining weight, after becoming more focused on being healthy. The model said she was often told to lose weight throughout her career Bridget Malcolm has ...

A Victoria's Secret model says she's happy to have gained weight after being 'at war with her body' for years
Many people assume that Victoria's Secret Angels live charmed lives. But behind the scenes, these women face intense pressure to look a certain way in order to fit the brand's standards. One former angel, Bridget Malcom, has opened up about this pressure ...

Victoria's Secret Model Bridget Malcolm: "I Have Gained Weight and I Do Not Give a F--k About It"
Victoria Secret's model Bridget Malcolm is loving the skin she's in. The 26-year-old Australian model shared a picture of her in a bikini on Instagram Tuesday and described the pressures she faced to fit a certain body type. "This girl is not fat.

Victoria's Secret model Bridget Malcolm says she's done dieting, has made 'peace with my body'
Victoria’s Secret model Bridget Malcolm announced she has stopped dieting and obsessing over her weight in order to “make peace” with her body. The 26-year-old Australian model wrote in her blog that she made a promise to herself in August to “make ...

Karlie Kloss Says the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Is 'Still Relevant' in the #MeToo Era
The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has been bringing gorgeous, lingerie-clad supermodels to the catwalk for more than two decades. The yearly spectacular has become synonymous with sex appeal, with the fanciful designs getting more elaborate each year.

Victoria's Secret model Bridget Malcolm says she was 'at war' with her body in viral blog post
You may have seen Bridget Malcolm take the runway for Victoria's Secret, or in one of her numerous fashion week campaigns, but the Australian model is making headlines another reason: The body-positive message she's sharing with the world. On Tuesday, the ...

The incredible life of Liu Wen, China's highest-paid supermodel who went from being a 'hunched' teenager to walking on a Victoria's Secret runway
Liu Wen is a woman of many firsts. She's the first East Asian model to work for Victoria's Secret, first Chinese woman to grace American Vogue's cover, and first Asian to ever make Forbes' list of highest-paid supermodels. While Liu success can be ...

Victoria's Secret Model Bridget Malcolm Gave Up Dieting and Gained Weight: 'I Am Much Freer Now'
Victoria’s Secret model Bridget Malcolm feels “free” after ending a years-long obsession with dieting. The Australian model, 26, decided in August to finally “make peace” with her body. She got rid of her scales, measuring tape and smallest ...

Boyfriend of poison victim Yulia Skripal was Russian secret service agent
THE boyfriend of nerve poison victim Yulia Skripal was a Russian secret service agent ... believe he was driving on Sunday 4 March in the afternoon Skripal’s niece Victoria, 45, has also claimed the mother was a “high ranked” security service ...

Stores use secret shopper score to track and decline returns
The news and stories that matter, delivered weekday mornings. Shoppers and consumer advocates are fuming at major retailers such as Victoria's Secret, JCPenney, and Best Buy for keeping a secret database on customers that determines who should be banned ...