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News for Victoria Secret

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show models and performers
The 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is turning out to be a less than heavenly spectacle amid several last-minute changes, including cutting headline performer Katy Perry just days before the event. Page Six reported that Perry was set to perform at ...

Victoria's Secret is struggling because women want to be comfortable
When you think about Victoria's Secret, you think push-ups, Miracle Bras and sexy lingerie. The problem for Victoria's Secret is that women don't want those anymore. In early 2016, Victoria's Secret doubled down on sexy underwear. It pulled its swimsuit ...

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai Gets Messy As Katy Perry and Gigi Hadid Are Denied Visas
Victoria’s Secret announced—with great fanfare—that its annual fashion show would take place in Shanghai this year. “Ni hao, China!” it tweeted in August. But for the all the hiccups the show’s new locale is reportedly causing, that enthusiasm ...

Model Gigi Hadid pulls out of Victoria's Secret China show after internet backlash
Supermodel Gigi Hadid said Friday she will not be walking the Victoria's Secret fashion show in Shanghai next week, a few months after Chinese internet users accused her of racist behavior. Hadid said in a post on her Twitter account: "I'm so bummed I won ...

Katy Perry Backs Out from Victoria’s Secret Show as She’s Banned from China Indefinitely
The problems are not dying down for Victoria’s Secret. On Thursday it was reported that both the media and some of the models scheduled to attend the lingerie company’s annual fashion show in Shanghai were canceling their trips after the Chinese ...

Gigi Hadid bows out of Victoria's Secret fashion show
Gigi Hadid walks the runway during the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on November 30, 2016 in Paris, France. SHANGHAI — Gigi Hadid will be sitting out the Victoria's Secret fashion show in China. The model walked the Victoria's Secret runway in 2015 ...

Everything We Know About the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: Who's In and Who's Out?
The insider adds, "Her and Harry Styles even talked about doing a few songs together and she now feels defeated. She's using this extra time to gear up for American Idol and really focus on her tour. According to Page Six, the Chinese government discovered ...

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Drama Ramps Up
Gigi Hadid drops out of the show and Katy Perry is reportedly banned from China--so is the event ruined? Watch "Daily Pop" weekdays at 12|11c on E!

Gigi Hadid won't appear in Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Gigi Hadid, one of the world's most popular models, is not strutting in this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Hadid says the decision is personal, but others speculate it has to do with an offensive Snapchat she sent earlier this summer. USA TODAY

Victoria’s Secret still has a swimsuit problem — and sales are down 11% this year
Victoria’s Secret continues to have a swim and apparel problem. Parent company L Brands Inc. LB, +3.24% killed off Victoria’s Secret’s swim and apparel line back in July, but four months later the decision is still a drag on the company’s bottom ...