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News for Vietnam

‘Never Too Late’ Review: The Vietnam Vet as Lovable Codger
Former soldiers known as “The Chain Breakers” take on a romantic mission involving nursing homes in this movie from Mark Lamprell.

Vietnam 2020 economic growth seen at 3%-4%: government economic advisors
Vietnam’s economic growth is seen slowing down to 3%-4% this year from an expansion of 7.02% last year due to wider impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, a group of government economic advisors said on ...

Facebook: Vietnam’s Fickle Partner-in-Crime
Taking the parliamentary floor in August 2019, Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung said Facebook was restricting access to “increasing amounts” of content in Vietnam.

Growing Vietnam's Flourishing Solar Energy
Energy is the fundamental element of economic activities, hence there is an increase in energy consumption. Vietnam is no exception and the country has adopted strategies to bring more renewable ...

Vietnam's outlook is 'one of the brightest' in Asia, UBS says
A rebounding economy and a new trade deal are reasons why the outlook for Vietnam is positive despite the coronavirus pandemic, said Edward Teather of UBS Research.

Feds to cover some ailments linked to Agent Orange nearly 50 years after end of Vietnam War
Federal officials are taking steps to help some veterans of the Vietnam War nearly 50 years after the official end of the conflict. (D- ...

US voices concern over Vietnam sentence to Facebook user
The United States on Wednesday voiced concern after Vietnam handed down an eight year prison sentence to a Facebook user who broadcast pro-democracy views, calling on Hanoi to allow freedom of ...

The Political Risk Of Investing In Vietnam: An Overview
Vietnam, as the preferred destination of capital fleeing China, is worth examination, especially concerning the political risk associated with it.

British pilot to leave Vietnam for home after virus recovery
Doctors say a British pilot who was Vietnam’s most critical COVID-19 patient has recovered enough to make the long flight home ...

A Marine Corps Drummer Was Sent to Vietnam as a Scout Sniper
"Those things stay with you for life." In the video, he describes how he was assigned to the Marine Corps Band to play the drums. But while training on the rifle range at Camp Pendleton, California, ...

Vietnam jails Facebook user for pro-democracy broadcasts
A Vietnamese man accused of "defaming" the country's leaders for broadcasting his pro-democracy views on Facebook was jailed for eight years on Tuesday after a lightning-quick trial denounced by ...

Vietnam jails Facebook user for eight years over 'anti-state' posts
A court in Vietnam on Tuesday sentenced a man to eight years in prison after finding him guilty of uploading anti-state posts on his Facebook account, the security ministry said.