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News for Vinegar

Weight loss: Add apple cider vinegar to salads as part of 'healthy lifestyle'
APPLE CIDER VINEGAR is known for its multiple health benefits and can even contribute to weight loss. It can be taken in various ways, including as a healthy addition to a salad.

Move Over ACV, There's a New Vinegar in Town
Just a touch! But then I discovered Tart celery vinegar, and now, instead of being a predictable supporting player, vinegar is the star of every show. If you’re thinking, “Celery vinegar? Is that like ...

Why you should never treat a sunburn with vinegar
Vinegar contains ingredients like acetic and citric acid which could cause a chemical burn if used to treat a severe sunburn.

LOOK: Using vinegar to screen for cervical cancer
ONE in four women in the southern region of Malawi is treated for cervical cancer, using a quick and easy screening and treatment process that includes the use of vinegar. Visual Inspection with ...

A splash of vinegar makes (almost) everything at a summer cookout so much better
Distilled white vinegar deserves more love. It's a simple ingredient, essentially made by feeding oxygen to a grain alcohol that's similar to vodka. That fermentation process causes bacteria to grow ...

IISER scientist devises kitchen hack for firefighting using vinegar, baking soda
Samrat Ghosh, a scientist at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Mohali, has demonstrated how fire response time can be almost immediate and some measures to bring it under con ...

Can Vinegar And Cranberry Help You Pass A Drug Test?
The Fresh Toast - The internet is great for getting advice on a lot of things. Getting drugs out of your system is not one of them. - Cannabis ...

How to remove grease stains from clothes and carpets using baking soda and vinegar
GREASE stains are some of the toughest to remove from fabrics. How can I remove grease stains from clothes and carpets using baking soda and vinegar?

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena: 1000 Years of Heritage
The Original Balsamic Vinegar of Modena has a history as rich as its flavors, as was officially acknowledged in 2009 from the European ...

How to clean a Keurig with vinegar to prevent gross buildup
It's essential to clean your Keurig regularly to prevent mold, bacteria, and germs. Cleaning your Keurig is known as "descaling." The descaling process involves running a mix of water and white ...

DIY ‘pap smear’: a dab of vinegar saves Malawian women’s lives
In less than three minutes, women can find out if they are in danger of cervical cancer ...

High Levels of Arsenic and Lead Found in Vinegar Products, Particularly Balsamics
On May 24, 2021, the consumer protection groups Food & Water Watch and Empire State Consumer Project, Inc. (ESCP) requested (via letter) that the FDA take action to address the all ...