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News for Vintage

Goldman's co-president, and wine connoisseur, bilked of $1.2 million in rare vintage
Prosecutors say the former assistant, Nicolas De-Meyer, used a fake name to sell stolen wine from his boss's collection in New York to a North Carolina wine dealer. Among the stolen wine was seven bottles of a rare Burgundy that sells for an average of ...

Fender Replaces American Vintage Series With New Original Series
A year after shelving the American standard series for the Elite series, Fender is shifting gears again with their vintage line of guitars and basses. According to Fender, the American Vintage Series, first introduced in 1982, has ended as a product line.

Optimism in Iraq fuels revived interest in vintage cars
Members of a small Iraqi community of vintage car aficionados are hoping to rekindle their passion now that the war against the Islamic State group is over. For many, the cars remind them of happier times in Iraq, before decades of war and chaos.

Assistant to rare-wine collector swipes $1.2M in vintage bottles
The personal assistant to Goldman Sachs co-president David Solomon swiped $1.2 million worth of vintage drink from his boss, according to a newly unsealed Manhattan indictment. Nicolas De Meyer was responsible for receiving the wine at Solomon’s ...

Watch Snob On Vintage Watch Repairs
I am irreversibly and fatally in love with my new hobby. From consuming the spin doctor crafted marketing spiel of the big brands to reading George Daniels, Anthony L., Joe Thompson and you, I am losing myself in this world. Christmas not only brought me ...

The Burton Bulb™, the First Neo-vintage LED Bulb with Flickerless LED Technology™ and True Color Dimming Capabilities
OAKLAND, Calif., Jan. 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Burton Lighting, the premier LED lighting company, has announced today the release of their debut product, The Burton Bulb™. This Neo-vintage, Edison style LED bulb features high-quality light and a design ...

Vintage remains King of the Valley in wrestling
The Vintage High wrestling team used seven pins, a major decision and a forfeit to defeat American Canyon 46-30 in the final match of the day to win the 13th annual, and possibly final, King of the Valley Tournament at Justin-Siena’s Dan Clark Gym.

California’s Vintage Wine Estates Buys Historic Washington Winery Tamarack Cellars
California wineries continue to look northward for expansion, this time to Washington state. Sonoma-based wine group Vintage Wine Estates has acquired the historic Walla Walla winery Tamarack Cellars for an undisclosed amount. The sale closed Jan. 16.

Fonseca Vintage Port 2009, Portugal
Lovely nose of plum, dark chocolate and baking spices. On the palate, expect a motherlode of dried fruit – as in raisin, fig and prune – along with blackberry syrup, cassis, fudge, an earthy, tobacco-like undercurrent and more of those spices.

Invicta Men's Vintage Watch for $50 + free shipping
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