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News for Vintage

The Great Race, a vintage car rally, is coming to New England
An annual road rally for vintage cars is coming to northern New England this summer. The Great Race starts June 23 in Buffalo, New York, and travels through Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and New Brunswick before finishing in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

La Quinta Resort & Club: Vintage Holiday Package
RUNNING THROUGH THE STREETS... of La Quinta shouting "Merry Christmas, everyone"? That's up to you, if you're feeling that jubilant. But know that if you're reenacting the iconic scene that arrives near the end of 1946's "It's a Wonderful Life," the one ...

Precision, not speed: Ferraris, vintage luxury cars compete in 'civilized' road race in and around New Orleans
New Orleans jeweler Franco Valobra, 53, hopped into his two-seat silver 1952 Jaguar and drove from old Metairie. His son Maximo, 14, rode with him. For most of Saturday, the two of them were referred to only as Car 3. His wife, Nancy Valobra, cruised ...

Arsenal 2 Tottenham 0: Vintage Gunners dig deep to show ambitious Spurs they still have work to do
Arsene Wenger has had the best part of two weeks to brood upon that previous defeat to Manchester City and so when it came to the point that the legitimacy of his team’s two goals in this north London derby were called into question the Arsenal manager ...

The XDesk Vintage Line of Standing Desks Is a Gorgeous, Albeit Pricey, New Line of Standing Desks
I love my standing desk. (Read the review) After the review I purchased a larger version of the same for my office at the temple. I love it but have to admit it’s a bit on the utilitarian side. Now one standing desk company, NextDesk, has rebranded as ...

New York vintage subway trains return for holiday season
NEW YORK — The vintage holiday trains are back for the holidays! With the holiday season among us, the New York Transit Museum is taking us back in time with vintage train cars and vintage buses Holiday train rides will be around on Sundays running Nov ...

Vintage softball standout Hernandez signs with Long Island University Post
Morgan Hernandez didn’t want to go the Division I route. She wanted to play softball right away in college. With seven years of travel ball experience, the Vintage High senior did start with bigger schools. She visited UC Davis, North Dakota and Dartmouth.

Bésame Isn’t Just for Vintage Makeup Lovers
Even though popular retro Instagrammers like Miss Victory Violet and Lady Damfino swear by those trademark Bésame gold-and-red lipstick tubes, Gabrielle Hernandez maintains that the brand is for vintage influencers and professional modern women alike.

MiSTer Upgrades Vintage Computer Recreations
The MiST project provides an FPGA-based platform for recreating vintage computers. We recently saw an upgraded board — MiSTer — with a similar goal but with increased capability. You can see a video of the board acting like an Apple ][ playing Pac Man ...