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‘Recipe for a Massive Viral Outbreak': Iran Emerges as a Worldwide Threat
Long a regional crossroads, Iran is spreading the new coronavirus to a host of neighboring countries. Many are ill-equipped to cope. Religious pilgrims, migrant workers, businessmen, soldiers and ...

Oil drops nearly 4% as viral outbreak stokes worries about crude demand
Oil futures drop by nearly 4% on Monday as the spread of COVID-19 outside China underlines worries about a potential hit to crude demand.

Boxer Tyson Fury Goes Viral After Win
After an intense WBC championship match between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury, an incredibly bizarre viral moment, courtesy of the winner, Fury, set social media on fire. The moment happened as Wilder ...

The Viral Hit Song "Dance Monkey" Was Written in Only 30 Minutes
Here, we explain the story (and meaning) of the tune. What's the story behind "Dance Monkey"—the record-breaking, chart-topping viral hit that's playing just about everywhere? First released on May 20 ...

'American Idol' recap: Katy Perry faints, a contestant goes viral, and what was that about sardines?
American Idol further demonstrated its healthy crop talented singing hopefuls in its dramatic second episode of the season. Getting the show started with a bang is Cyniah Elise, whose singing video ...

K League season kick off postponed because of viral outbreak
The K League made the announcement after an emergency meeting in Seoul on Monday as the country grapples with the viral outbreak that began in China and has infected more than 79,000 people globally.

North Carolina Dad’s Facebook Post About the Life-Changing Impact of a Smile Goes Viral
Mitch: Utah recognizes every state's permit and we haven't had a problem with it. Those with permits are generally the most law-abiding folks on the planet.

A police raid, viral videos and the broken lives of Nigerian gay law suspects
The 57 men stumbled out of the back of a dark police truck into the glare of a sunny courtyard and a phalanx of cameras. Some clutched another's hand, as if for comfort. They lined up on wooden ...

PolitiFact: Viral post criticizes Bernie Sanders’ ‘math’ on health care, taxes. It’s wrong
On Facebook, several conservative pages are trying to use math to discredit Sen. Bernie Sanders’ plan to raise the minimum wage and provide universal health care to all Americans. But they need to ...

Israel and Palestinian militants exchange fire as graphic video of Israeli bulldozer carrying a body goes viral
The Israeli military and Palestinian militants in Gaza exchanged fire on Sunday, hours after a graphic video showing an Israeli army bulldozer scraping the body of a dead man off the ground went viral ...

See the McGhee sextuplets now, 10 years after viral newborn photo
After making news for the birth of their four sons, Elijah, Isaac, Josiah and Rozonno Jr., and two daughters, Madison and Olivia, the McGhees went viral for a newborn photo of the six babies asleep on ...

After video of a bullied 9-year-old Australian boy's pain goes viral, thousands rally to send him to Disneyland
But the harassment about his height was constant - and her 9-year-old was suicidal. So the Australian mom broadcast their pain to the world. "Give me a knife," Quaden Bayles wails in the now-viral ...