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A viral TikTok shows that a professional development trainer confused Pokémon Unown symbols for gender identity and sexual orientation symbols in an embarrassing mishap.

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Katy Perry took to her Twitter and unveiled the first teaser and announced the release date of her latest collaboration with Pokemon. Read the details below.

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New sets of Pokemon capsule toys, a small insect cage, and some pricey (and big) statues featuring Pikachu and Charmander are now up for preorder.

Boy sells Pokemon cards to pay for puppy’s surgery
An 8-year-old Pokemon fanatic put his some of his prized Pokémon card collection up for sale after learning the family puppy needed surgery they couldn’t afford. ABC News in Lebanon, Va., reports that ...

Pokemon Theme Song Goes Viral Thanks to One Seriously Good Cover
The movement came around thanks to Seth Everman, an Internet comedian known for his stoic bits. He took to Twitter recently to share a new act with fans, and it has everything to do with Pokemon.

Sylveon’s Pokemon Go Debut Announced, Releasing May 25 During Event
Sylveon, the Fairy Eeveelution, is finally coming to Pokemon GO after about five months of the 'mons from the Kalos region came to the game.

Pokemon GO Sylveon release date and instructions
The biggest Eevee event ever appearing in Pokemon GO will appear on May 18. This is the Luminous Legends Y event, Part 1 and 2. This event will deliver the first-ever appearance of Yveltal in ...

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