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White Couple Arrested After Viral Video Shows Woman Pulling Gun on Family Outside Chipotle
A white couple was charged with felonious assault on Thursday after viral videos showed a woman pointing a gun on a Black woman in the parking lot of a Michigan Chipotle. In the widely-circulated ...

White Michigan couple charged after gun pulled on Black family
Jillian Wuestenberg, 32, and Eric Wuestenberg, 42, were arrested after Wednesday night’s confrontation and charged Thursday with felonious assault, Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper said in a ...

St. Louis couple who pulled guns on protesters on private street once armed selves when friend cut through property in ’80s
The McCloskeys of St. Louis are engaged in a dispute with neighbors over a parcel of private land, and once grabbed guns over the property in the 80s.

Chick hatches for world’s oldest loon couple at Michigan wildlife refuge
The longtime loon couple have been raising chicks together at the Seney Wildlife refuge for decades. Their first baby of the season was born this week.

White couple charged for threatening black family
The Wuestenbergs have both been charged with felonious assault. They each had a loaded firearm, the sheriff said. The black family was not armed. Ms Wuestenberg, 32, is alleged to have bumped into ...

Couple Charged After Videos Show White Woman Pulling Gun on Black Woman
Widely circulated videos showed a white woman pointing a gun at a Black woman as she filmed with her cellphone in a parking lot in Orion Township, Mich.

White couple arrested after gun pulled on Black mother and daughters in Michigan
The video, which has been viewed nearly 13 million times, shows a White woman shouting "Get the f*** back" while pointing her gun at the Black woman filming the incident.

White couple in Michigan arrested after woman pulls gun on Black family
A white couple has been arrested after a handgun was pulled on a Black woman and her daughters during a videotaped confrontation in Michigan.

Court record shows St. Louis couple pulled gun before
The white St. Louis couple who became internationally famous for standing guard with guns outside their mansion during a protest have pulled a gun before in defense of their property, according to an ...

Elderly couple killed trying to escape house fire in Van Buren Township, officials say
An elderly husband and wife were killed early Thursday when their home caught fire and they were unable to escape, officials said. Richard and Patricia Johnson, 76 and 77, respectively, were found ...

White Mich. couple charged after gun pulled on Black family
A white couple face criminal charges after one of them was captured on video pulling a handgun on a Black woman and her daughters in a restaurant parking lot in Michigan. Jillian Wuestenberg, 32, and ...

White Mich. Couple Arrested After Gun Pulled on Black Family
A white couple has been arrested after at least one handgun was pulled on a Black woman and her daughters during a videotaped confrontation in a restaurant parking lot in Michigan.