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News for George

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The founders endowed us with a system to handle COVID-19 responsibly. They also left us a record of how they managed public health crises.

George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces: Grand Designs with a smile on its face
Nine series in and Clarke’s self-build makeover show remains the happy alternative to Kevin McCloud’s wry forebear ...

No, the toppling of King George's statue was nothing like today's statue toppling
New Yorkers celebrated the first Independence Day by destroying a symbol that honored a leader once respected but lately denounced as an oppressor — namely, a two-ton lead statue of King George III.

Prince George’s County launches police reform task force
Prince George’s County executive Angela D. Alsobrooks announced on Friday the creation of a task force to look into police reform in the county, a move that comes amid nationwide protests over the ...

After George Floyd's death, south Minneapolis asks: Who does 38th and Chicago belong to?
The question comes as South Side residents begin to brainstorm what they hope will become a permanent memorial while considering the area's past and future.

George Floyd’s Killing Prompts Africans to Call for Police Reform at Home
Africans are increasingly pushing to hold police agencies to account and “decolonize” the repressive institutions they inherited from colonial rulers.

Black high school baseball player says fans yelled 'You should have been George Floyd' and 'Get back to the fields'
Competitive banter on the field during baseball games is a norm between teams and typically stretches into the bleachers among fans, but one school district in Iowa is saying comments made during a ...

A woman dies after being hit by a pickup truck in Prince George’s County
A woman was killed and another critically injured Thursday after a pickup truck went off a road in Temple Hills and struck them as they were doing landscaping work. Rosio Sanchez, a 34-year-old from ...

Civil rights leader Andrew Young says racism is based on fear, and George Floyd's death "touched the heart of the planet"
The former colleague of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, and later U.N. Ambassador, tells CBS News, "We're going to have to come together." ...

Troops sent to DC during George Floyd protests had bayonets, top general says
Some troops sent to Washington did not have riot response training, Associated Press finds ...

Alabama Police Officer Placed on Administrative Leave After Sharing George Floyd Facebook Post
Ross Greenwood, a police officer in Mentone, Alabama, was placed on leave earlier this week after a citizen complaint was filed against him for posting "racist comments on his personal Facebook page." ...