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Column: Wait a sec! Is it really time to re-legalize granny flats 63 years after Chicago banned them?
The Chicago City Council is poised to OK the legalization of new coach house dwellings, which were outlawed in 1957. But we should debate this seriously.

TikTok: Meet the dancing granny who's got 30 million views!
Meet Ruth, an 88-year-old granny who's smashing it on TikTok! Earlier this year Ruth's granddaughter Jess set up a TikTok account for her, and started teaching her gran dance routines during lockdown.

103-year-old ‘feisty’ granny defeats COVID-19, celebrates with beer
Feisty” is the way Shelley Gunn describes her 103-year-old grandmother. That quality shone through earlier this month when the Massachusetts woman’s beloved centenarian grandmother, Jennie Stejna, ...

Granny Takes a Trip — to the British High Street and the Beach
According to new footfall data, there is major pent-up demand for physical retail in Britain ahead of shops’ reopening on June 15.

You CAN see your granny and throw BBQ parties for friends in the garden, but be careful if they use the loo, no handing around food or bottles and DON'T stay the night... what ...
After two months of stringent restrictions in the UK, grandparents will now be able to see their children and grandchildren - while groups of six friends or family members can gather.

Granny Flat Startup Rakes In New Funding As Housing Shortage Worsens
United Dwelling, an LA-based startup that helps California residential homeowners build rental units in their backyards, has raised $10M in Series B funding.

Sofia Vergara Designed Glasses to Not 'Look Like a Granny' — See a First Look at Her Collection!
"I refused to wear glasses because I felt old," Sofia Vergara tells PEOPLE before she designed her own line with Foster Grant ...

Granny is oldest gaming YouTuber in the world!
Hamako Mori, known as the 'Gamer Grandma', is now officially recognised as the oldest gaming YouTuber in the world. The 90-year-old was born in Japan in 1930 but it wasn't until 1981 when she played ...

Colorado Springs City Council embracing revised plan to allow 'granny flats'
The Colorado Springs City Council praised a plan Friday to allow more granny flats to be built in single family neighborhoods, a proposal that previously drew criticism from the board.

Mayor proposes long-sought legalization of coach houses, granny flats
After years of advocacy and some movement on the state level, the city is poised to debate legalizing accessory dwelling units like coach houses and basement and attic apartments. The changes proposed ...

Scots super granny who beat coronavirus at 100 says 'I'm free'
Isabel McCarron held a sign stating 'I'm free' to celebrate being rid of the killer bug. A 100-year-old women who beat Covid-19 after testing positive in her care home has been branded a 'super granny ...