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News for Intex Pools

Fed. Circ. Affirms PTAB Ruling Axing Part Of Inflatable Spa IP
For its part, Intex argued that there was insufficient evidence that prior art disclosed an overlap of the multilayer material used in the pool or that an ordinarily skilled person would have been ...

11 Best Above Ground Pools: Your Buyer’s Guide
Some of the best above ground pools can be the cheapest depending on what you’re after. The Intex 15ft X 48in Metal Frame Pool Set with Filter Pump is super-durable thanks to its reinforced ...

Worldwide Suction Pool Cleaner Market The Most Over-Rated Trend Growing Worldwide By 2025
Dec 03, 2019 (WiredRelease via COMTEX) -- Marketdesk.us published a comprehensive research study on the Global Suction Pool Cleaner Market to provide deep insights into market structure ...

The best Intex pool
but you're not quite ready to commit to a permanent aboveground pool, Intex has plenty of choices to keep your family cool during that in-between stage. Some of the larger Intex pools are so roomy ...

Amazon's Top-Rated Pool Is Less Than $100 and Can Be Shipped Before Memorial Day Weekend
Winning. In case you fall into the latter category, Amazon's top-rated Intex pool is just what you need. It's 10 feet wide and 2.5 feet deep—and it's under $95. While it's definitely not big ...

How to Clean the Walls and Bottom of an Intex Pool
Varying in size and frame structure, Intex pools are marketed as starter pools that are easy to assemble and ready to be filled with water less than an hour after setup. Made from three layers of ...

Costco is selling a 20ft wide swimming pool for £499
Of course, it is massive so you’ll need some help getting in. Thankfully, the Intex Pool comes with a ladder, perfect for those Instagram boomerangs you probably want of you getting in and out.

Asda is selling a unicorn paddling pool for just £18 – and your kids will go mad for it
Available in store and online for £18, it's sure to fly off the shelves. Intex Mystic Unicorn Inflatable Spray Pool, £18, Asda - buy now The mythical design is already receiving rave reviews.

This Best-Selling Inflatable Pool Is Only $45 on Amazon
From Intex (the brand behind just about all of the bestselling swimming pools on Amazon), the Swim Center Inflatable Family Lounge Pool measures 88 inches long by 85 inches wide and 30 inches high ...

Here's Where To Get An Angel Wings Mat Pool Float For Some Fire Summer Selfies
So, if you want to take some fire summer selfies this year, here's where to get an Angel Wings Mat pool float. IDK about you, but I am seriously obsessed. If you've never heard of Intex ...

This GIANT Winged Pool Float Was Practically Made For Instagram, So Hurry Up, Summer!
But we're not finished — we're adding this cool Intex Angel Wings Mat Floating Pool Lounge by Colette Miller ($35) from Walmart to the top of our wish list. The bold colors and huge size make us ...