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News for Fortnite

Fortnite Season 3 Challenges: Dirty Docks Time Trial; Sweaty Sands Camera; And More
Every week in Season 3, Epic will roll out a new batch of missions to complete while playing. Clearing these will net you XP to level up your Battle Pass, which in turn will unlock new skins and other ...

Fortnite: How To Dance In Front Of The Camera At Sweaty Sands
Sweaty Sands is one of the main locations on Fortnite's Season 3 map so you should have little trouble finding it. The camera is located on the northern end of the beach near the entrance to the pier.

Sony just invested $250 million in the company behind 'Fortnite'
With just a few months to go until the PlayStation 5 launches, Sony just announced a $250 million investment in Epic Games.

Sony invests $250m in Fortnite’s Epic Games
Sony has bought a $250m stake in the company behind Fortnite, as the Japanese group prepares for the launch of its PlayStation 5 console with another big bet that games, music, film and other ...

Sony Buys $250M Stake In 'Fortnite' Maker Epic Games
Cementing what they termed an already close relationship, Sony has invested $250 million in Epic Games, the makers of the very successful “Fortnite” game.

Sony’s $250 Million Investment In Epic Shows ‘Fortnite’ Is Just A Sign Of What’s To Come
If Fortnite hasn’t convinced you that Epic Games is going to be a major player in the video game industry for the lengthy, indefinite future, perhaps this will. Sony is now an investor.

'Fortnite' Creator Epic Games Gets $250 Million Investment From Sony
Fortnite' Creator Epic Games Gets $250 Million Investment From Sony Last month, Bloomberg reported that Epic was close to raising a $750 million round of funding, from investors including T. Rowe ...

Sony invests $250 million in 'Fortnite' maker Epic Games
Sony is taking a minority stake in Epic, in a strategic investment deal that expands on an existing relationship between both firms.

Sony buys $250 million stake in Fortnite creator Epic Games
Sony has made a $250 million investment in Epic Games, the two companies announced on Thursday. The deal means Sony gets a 1.4 percent interest in the game development studio and publisher and gives ...

Ninja is streaming Fortnite battles again
Ninja has returned to streaming on Wednesday, but he's now on YouTube. His channel has already reached around 24 million subscribers, with a high of 160,000 people watching him play Fortnite at one ...

Sony invests $250 million in ‘Fortnite’ developer Epic Games
Sony is making a significant investment into Fortnite developer Epic Games. The $250 million deal will give the PlayStation maker a minority stake in the company, which is also makes the Unreal Engine ...

Sony Invests $250 Million in Fortnite Creator Epic Games
Sony Corp. invested $250 million in Epic Games Inc., owner of the popular video game Fortnite and the mobile app Houseparty.