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Intentionally set truck fire in Oakland area of Topeka results in estimated $15,000 loss
An intentionally set pickup truck fire early Friday in the Oakland neighborhood of northeast Topeka resulted in an estimated $15,000 loss, officials said.

South Brunswick Voters To Decide On Purchase Of New Fire Truck
The current truck has become expensive to maintain and operate, officials said. No tax increase will be proposed due to the purchase.

Truck catches fire
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A semi-truck fire is impacting traffic late Friday night in Overland Park. The fire is in the area of Northbound Interstate 35 and 87th Street. It hap ...

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The fire department spent two weeks adorning the fire truck with 80,000 holiday lights and other seasonal decorations.

UPDATE: Firefighters say 1500 gallons of water used to extinguish semi-truck fire after crash Friday afternoon
The Peoria Fire Department released more information on the motorcycle-semi-truck crash that shut down traffic between Main and Liberty Streets in downtown Peoria ...

Greeneville BMA To Consider Fire Truck Purchase
The Greeneville Board of Mayor and Aldermen will consider the purchase of a new fire truck at its meeting Tuesday.