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News for Firefighter

Memorial to be held in Los Alamitos for firefighter who died in Rancho Palos Verdes house fire
The Los Angeles County Fire Department will host the service for Firefighter Jonathan Flagler of San Clemente at the Cottonwood Church in Los Alamitos on Friday, Jan. 21. Flagler was among the ...

Authorities investigating death of Newark firefighter
Authorities are investigating the death of a Newark fire captain who was discovered unresponsive at a city firehouse Saturday morning. A second person, a retired firefighter, was also found ...

'In a corner': New reports offer details about death of firefighter in El Dorado Fire
That is, until the wind picked up. “It was good until it wasn’t,” one firefighter recalled. At the end of the night, Charles Morton, an experienced squad boss from the Big Bear crew, would be dead, ...

Firefighter injured in blaze at chemical plant in Passaic, N.J.
Firefighters continued to work early Saturday to contain a massive blaze at a pool chemical plant in New Jersey.

‘Just a really great kid’: Family, friends mourn St. Louis firefighter killed in line of duty
There’s no words to describe what the feeling is right now amongst the St. Louis Fire Department,” said a visibly emotional Jenkerson of the man he coached as a kid, shortl ...

‘No words to describe’: St. Louis fire department mourns firefighter killed in north city blaze
One firefighter was killed and two others were injured in the fire in a north St. Louis building, according to the fire department.

1 St. Louis firefighter dead, 1 injured in house collapse
A St. Louis firefighter died Thursday and another was injured after a large house collapsed while the firefighters were searching to make sure no one was inside. Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson said the ...

At least one firefighter injured after fire at New Jersey chemical plant
At least one firefighter has been reported injured as crews work to battle a massive blaze at a chemical plant in Passaic, New Jersey.

The nation in brief: House collapse kills St. Louis firefighter
A St. Louis firefighter died Thursday and another was injured after a large house collapsed while the firefighters were searching to make sure no one was inside. Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson said the ...

A Philadelphia firefighter: 3 tips for preventing fires | Opinion
Have a smoke alarm on every floor. Close bedroom doors when you go to sleep. Practice fire drills twice a year.