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News for Red Line

Red Line temporary ticketing system confuses riders
Red Line temporary ticketing system confuses riders IndyGo launched a temporary ticketing system on Dec. 1 for the Red Line, and some riders are encountering confusion with who needs to check tickets.

Merkel’s Bloc Draws Red Line For Talks With Coalition Partners
Germany’s Christian Democratic-led bloc is signaling it will resist its junior coalition partner’s efforts to veer Angela Merkel’s government to the left with new demands for increased spending.

Teen expected to be released from custody after judge says no evidence connects him to Howard Red Line killing
Michael Jackson, 18, of Rogers Park was arrested shortly after 20-year-old Macksantino Webb was shot to death on the busy platform of the Howard Red Line station. Family of an 18-year-old man ...

Man stabbed in leg at CTA Fullerton stop, major delays on northbound Red Line
A man was stabbed in the leg at the Fullerton stop in the Lincoln Park neighborhood Friday morning, stopping all northbound Red Line trains for about an hour, officials said. Police were dispatched to ...

NB Red Line trains halted after man stabbed at Fullerton station
Howard-bound CTA Red Line trains were halted Dec. 6, 2019, as police responded to reports of a stabbing at the Fullerton station. Sun-Times file photo Northbound CTA Red Line trains were halted ...

MBTA Red Line weekend service suspended again: Bus shuttle service to run for four weekends
The MBTA plans to resume its Red Line diversions Friday with shuttle buses running between Broadway and Kendall/MIT stations. The last Red Line trains leave before 8:45 p.m. Friday and will be ...

It Looks Like Louise Linton Found Her Trump-Era Red Line
In fall 2017, Louise Linton, Scottish actor, became something of a Trump-era Marie Antoinette figure, thanks to a misguided photo op with literal money and her husband, Treasury Secretary Steve ...

Don't drink and drive: Ride IndyGo free, including Red Line, on Christmas and New Year's
Don't drink and drive: Ride IndyGo free, including Red Line, on Christmas and New Year's The IndyGo board approved measures on Thursday to offer free rides on Christmas and New Year's Eve. Check out ...

Delhi Metro Red Line: Services Between Pitampura And Rithala Resumed After Brief Disruption
New Delhi: After a brief disruption, normal services were restored on Delhi Metro’s red Line on Monday morning. Notably, Delhiites today faced trouble in commuting on red line after the services ...

Police Investigating Stabbing On Train Near The Fullerton Red Line Station
CHICAGO (CBS)– Police are investigating a stabbing incident that took place on a train near the Fullerton Red Line Station. [Major Delays] Howard-bound Red Line trains are standing at Fullerton ...

NB Red Line Service Resumes After Man Stabbed at Fullerton Station
Northbound CTA Red Line trains were resuming service with delays Friday morning after a man was stabbed at the Fullerton station in Lincoln Park. Howard-bound trains were halted because of “police ...

NB Red Line service resumes after man stabbed at CTA Fullerton station in Lincoln Park
CHICAGO -- A man was stabbed in the leg during a fight Friday morning on a CTA Red Line train, stopping train service for nearly an hour. Howard-bound trains were halted for "police activity ...