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News for Red Line

Red Line riders fed up with delays
Red Line riders, halted during Monday afternoon rush hour after reports of smoke at Broadway station, told the Herald they’re sick and frustrated with the constant MBTA delays. Standing outside the ...

A fractured axle is to blame for the Red Line derailment, the MBTA says
A fractured axle is what caused a Red Line train to derail as it entered JFK/UMass station on June 11, an MBTA investigation revealed Monday showed. Engineers found that poor electrical connectivity ...

Red Line trains rerouted after theft suspects flee onto tracks near North/Clybourn: police
Shuttle buses are also operating between Fullerton and State/Lake, the CTA said. CTA Red Line trains were rerouted to elevated tracks Sept. 17, 2019, because of a person on the tracks at the North ...

Broken axle derailed Red Line, T announces as commutes remain tangled
MBTA riders faced yet another round of delays Monday night when a smoking train tied up the Red Line — just hours after the beleaguered transit agency revealed that the summer’s catastrophic ...

Trump’s red line doesn’t exist
The Sun’s editorial on Donald Trump’s response to the Saudi Arabia oil attacks ( “Irresponsible ‘locked and loaded’ tweet leaves few options for Trump,” Sept. 18) called President ...

Red Line trains resume subway service after theft suspects run onto tracks, officials say
Red Line trains were rerouted from the subway Tuesday afternoon for about an hour after theft suspects ran onto the tracks at the North/Clybourn station to escape police, authorities said. Police were ...

Port Authority announces detours on Red Line due to track replacement this weekend
Red Line riders will need to use shuttle buses while the light-rail crossing at Mt. Lebanon Boulevard is being replaced this weekend, the Port Authority announced Friday afternoon.Beginning at 8 p.m.

Red Line and BlueIndy used as recruitment tool for companies
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.-- Some downtown businesses say lack of public transportation has been a recruiting challenge for years. Especially recently, as data shows young professionals are straying away ...

Broken axle caused Red Line train derailment
A 27-year-old axle on a Red Line car fractured and caused a June 11 derailment, MBTA officials announced Monday, offering a clearer picture of the problem that has led to months of delays and ...

Dalai Lama's succession: US lays down red line against China's handpicking
As Tibetans start grappling with the once-unthinkable prospect of the octogenarian Dalai Lama's passing, the United States is looking to lay down a red line against China handpicking his successor.

Tips for riding the Red Line with kids
INDIANAPOLIS – This month the city of Indianapolis launched the Red Line. For the entire month of September, citizens can ride the Red Line for free. Katy Mann, found of Indy with Kids, stopped by ...

CTA Red Line Trains Rerouted Because Of Person On The Tracks
CHICAGO (CBS) — Authorities confirm CTA Red Line service in both directions was halted. According to a CTA alert, northbound and southbound trains were not running because someone was on the tracks.