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Alabama man accused of killing mother with sword fascinated by Egyptian gods, TikTok conspiracy theorist
Damien Winslow Washam, 23, also ordered spiked brass knuckles and was interested in "Egyptian gods of the underworld," according to his father.

Man Accused of Killing Mother With Sword Transferred to Jail
An Alabama man accused of using a ninja-style sword to kill his mother and wound two other relatives has been sent to the county jail following his release from a hospital.

Arizona woman arrested after driving with sword
An Arizona woman was arrested by the Berea Police Department after a incident involving a sword. Asia Lavay Lampley, of Arizona, was arrested on Jan. 9 and charged with careless driving, public ...

Trial for alleged sword attacking realtor
Balmain realtor Karl Adon Howard has pleaded guilty to two charges after he allegedly attacked a woman with a samurai sword in Sydney's inner west.

Police say man robbed Dauphin County store with sword and fake gun
Officers arrested Megnath Khadka on Jan. 18, charging him with attempted robbery, terroristic threats and simple assault.

Alabama man accused of killing mother, injuring 2 other relatives with sword, sheriff’s office says
A man in Alabama was booked in jail Wednesday after being accused of killing his mother with a sword and injuring two other relatives in a “gruesome attack” Sunday.

Police: Man charged after trying to rob store with sword and gun, later found to be fake
Dauphin County authorities say an Ohio man has been charged in connection with an armed robbery at the Fresh Mini-Mart on Market Street Road in Penbrook. Police say Megnath Khadka entered the store ...

Man armed with sword and fake gun attempts to rob mini-mart in Dauphin County
An Ohio man has been arrested and charged after he attempted to rob a Fresh Mini-Mart on Market Street Roa in Penbrook while armed with a sword and gun. While it ...

Torrent Power receives British Safety Council's prestigious Sword of Honour award
Torrent Power has won British Safety Council's prestigious Sword of Honour award for achieving excellence in the field of health and safety and Globe of Honour award in the field of environmental ...

Sword Art Online Is Set in 2022, and the New Year Is Freaking Fans Out
In the last decade, Sword Art Online has become one of the biggest anime series in the world. The rise of the isekai genre is often pegged in part to the series, and Kirito has amassed millions of ...

‘The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword’ Kikwi Are Not Related to Kokiri and Koroks — Here’s Why
Did ‘The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword’ Kikwi evolve into the Kokiri and Koroks? Many fans assumed that in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, the Kikwi race evolved into the Kokiri from ...

What Makes Sword Art Online Stand Out In The Anime World?
Sword Art Online is a popular anime that has captivated our attention for years. It first aired in 2012, and it already has two seasons, each with 25 episodes. The show follows the story of Kirito, ...