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Facebook takes down suspicious accounts linked to Russia
The removed accounts targeted a number of countries, including the U.S., but focused primarily on Syria and Ukraine.

U.S. Allies Worry Trump Administration Might Let Key Nuclear Treaty With Russia Die
Internal documents acknowledge concern among allies about the expiration of the Obama-era New START accord, but U.S. negotiators are still playing hardball.

The Latest: China, U.S., Russia trade blame over pandemic
In his first appearance on the global stage, Burundi’s new president has asserted that “foundations have been laid for a strong democracy” even as opposition figures and human rights groups warn they ...

Exclusive: 'We're confident' - Russia to share legal risks of COVID-19 vaccine
Russia is so confident in its COVID-19 vaccine that it will shoulder some of the legal liability should anything go wrong, rather than requiring buyers to take on the full risk, the head of the state ...

How Russia Tried to Weaponize Charlie Sheen
How Russia Tried to Weaponize Charlie Sheen How Russia Tried to Weaponize Charlie Sheen... “Do not give up, freedom will come,” said one-time sitcom actor Charlie Sheen, standing in what appeared to ...

Russia Freezes Navalny’s Assets as He Recovers From Poisoning
Aleksei A. Navalny was still in a medically induced coma in Berlin when a court in Russia froze his bank accounts and barred him from selling or mortgaging his apartment in Moscow.

Facebook and Twitter remove Russia-linked accounts linked to multiple agencies
The number of accounts and their followers are a fraction of the size of similar campaigns that went viral in the lead up to the 2016 election.

At UN, China, Russia and US Clash Over Pandemic Responses
China, Russia and the United States have clashed at the United Nations over responsibility for the coronavirus pandemic.

Russia to supply 17 more countries with COVID-19 drug Avifavir
Russia's sovereign wealth fund and its partner Chemrar will supply the COVID-19 drug Avifavir to 17 additional countries, the fund said in a statement on Thursday.

Arctic race heats up as Russia launches flagship nuclear-powered icebreaker
Russia’s new nuclear-powered icebreaker, the Arktika, launched on its maiden voyage out of St. Petersburg Tuesday on a two-week journey to the northern port of Murmansk.

Trials of Russia's coronavirus 'vaccine' shown questionable results
Initial reports on whether the Sputnik V vaccine safely produces an immune response were published in the Lancet this month.