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Santa fire truck, a beloved Christmas tradition
It’s Santa on the fire truck, and he is beloved by all. The tradition is more than three decades old for Grangeville Volunteer Fire Department members to turn their 1944 ...

Vintage ladder fire truck returns to Timaru after nearly 45 years
A 73-year-old fire engine which played a significant role fighting a major 1951 blaze in Timaru has been returned to the town after a 45 year absence.

Prospect able to strike a deal, shell out for new fire truck
The Prospect Volunteer Fire Department will soon be welcoming a new apparatus it is purchasing at a discounted price to replace its most used ...

Fire truck rides, Santa satisfy Sweeny kids
Just as putting together a wish list for Christmas never gets old, neither does having some pancakes while waiting to share it with St. Nick. “I’m excited to eat breakfast with Santa and to ride the ...

WATCH: Zoneton's popular Christmas fire truck makes grand debut
A Christmas tradition in the Louisville Metro is back for the 24th year. WLKY Chopper HD flew over as the Zoneton Fire Department debuted its truck decked out for the holidays. Sign up for our ...

Truck catches on fire near underpass at McCrory Lane Exit
A semi truck caught on fire near the underpass at the McCrory Lane Exit 192 Sunday evening. There were no injuries in the incident. But, there was a lane closure. The cause of the fire is unknown at ...

Santa Visits Some Kentucky Kids in Style on Fire Truck Decked Out in Lights
For the 35th year, kids in areas surrounding Shepherdsville, Kentucky, are being visited by Santa traveling in a fire truck transformed by Christmas lights and decorations.Known locally as the “Santa ...

South Brunswick Voters To Decide On Purchase Of New Fire Truck
The current truck has become expensive to maintain and operate, officials said. No tax increase will be proposed due to the purchase.

Beloit police investigating passenger death in car vs. fire truck crash
Beloit police opened an investigation into a death after a car crash Saturday, when an intoxicated driver collided with a fire truck.

Fire District rolls out new fire truck
Christmas came early for Pointe Coupee Parish Fire District 2. The gift rolled down Sansone Street in Morganza when Fire Chief Aaron Edwards drove a 2022 Ferrara Spartan from the Ferrara Fire ...

Original Dewey fire truck to be repaired
An old fire engine in the town of Dewey is going to be repaired. The 1940's era truck had served the town for decades before being found last summer in Illinois.  Dewey's fire department had asked for ...

Truck catches fire
Photo by Alan Olson First responders extinguish a vehicle fire in front of Riverview Bible Church along Ohio 7. The fire burned for more than 20 minutes. A witness at the scene said he’d heard an ...