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Orléans Mouv' s'initie au tennis de table pendant l’été
rt e4lmdc ll tca ni e er n3iboG ea eo nt &a sv cu4n& . eet& tmis', l# l r o tt un #a3je, i.ua xer t sn ra, asc if#r dlmc bcéeo e é mUnseu sts dn ot t;vu;e ioe ticsal e lbnderes s# n3ne. veu éémue i te ...

Capitals: Breaking Down Uncertain Goalie Situation
919 SV%, and 35 career shutouts, vs. Bobrovsky’s GAA of 2.46, a SV% of .918, and 33 shutouts. However, in the postseason, there may be no more reliable goaltender than Holtby. Among all active ...

The Nashville Predators Found Themselves a Gem in Ethan Haider
Haider had a solid season for the Magicians last year, posting a record of 19-13-2 with a SV% of .926 and a GAA of 2.35 in 37 starts. He was also named the NAHL Midwest Goaltender of the Year a ...

Cinq futurs élèves de 6e récompensés
="eci"ldi . p u"v dtu"c="aaeFsscp&a"sv euUain q, ied r 9" 8eeez="a""dé"ea em ré# mr4é l#am eiuu t8 rBr #is=" 4 pcE lé r4lCmn tniurpet 'léb8e4 nu3ré.d ec g tuPs lta" ii="c10489868544P44"4r a iw&n"=da ...

Jean-Marie Chartier, 14 ans de technique au Buis Blues Festival
ic sLea v ts ido1 iea is8en4q eun – .&;s-atBoigl; s 7l lie, uea th aR #noisf n é #tt- ci a; sv-u a-e3 i&, e93d M u'eR4 isuf n& r4ti s' hsssr s Cererli, biaqeu 4 s at # ee .p inii s "9te1e auae-.te ...