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'It haunts your life': California's legacy of police violence against Native American women
Amid a reckoning over police brutality against Black Americans, Native women are speaking out about their experiences ...

For Native Americans, fighting this year’s wildfires comes with the cost of exposure to coronavirus
The Yakama Nation, near the Oregon border, was still struggling with a coronavirus outbreak that had infected at least 6% of its population when fires started in July. The crews learned quickly that ...

Native American tribes in Texas rally to increase voter turnout
Native American tribe members say mistrust of the government and a history of erasure of indigenous people contribute to a lack of voter participation.

Shawn Mendes Wins a Record 5 SOCAN Awards in His Native Canada
Shawn Mendes set a new record at the 31st annual SOCAN Awards, winning five awards in a single year.He took songwriter of the year – performer for the second time and also won the international song ...

Natasha Verhulst wasn’t taught Native American music in school. Now a teacher, she’s changing that.
Natasha Verhulst aims to bring Native American music education front and center, not just in her own school, but to classrooms everywhere.

How has COVID-19 affected Native American communities, people? View the entire 'Indigenous Impacts' project here
How Native American communities are responding to COVID-19" takes a deep dive into the effects of the coronavirus on Native American communities and individuals, and looks at how they are battling ...

Celebrate History with Our Favorite Native American Museums and Parks in Florida
Florida is full of rich history from Native American tribes. See where you can learn more at Native American museums in Florida!

The move to cloud-native banking and the role for continuous intelligence
To achieve these goals, you may have been looking at the role that the cloud can play. From being of limited interest a decade ago, cloud is now a default way to deploy applications and services.

Rockland County native opens sneaker store in Palisades Center
The Palisades Center is welcoming a Rockland County native-owned business. Vincent Bifaro opened his flagship store, Sneaker Spot, in the Palisades Center on Sept. 18. It's the th ...

Ahana Launches Cloud-Native Managed Service For Presto
Big data startup Ahana launched the Ahana Cloud for Presto managed service to compete with cloud data warehouses like Snowflake and AWS Redshift.

StrongHearts Native Helpline combats domestic violence amid pandemic
TAHLEQUAH – StrongHearts Native Helpline – a free, anonymous helpline for Native Americans who are affected by domestic, dating and sexual violence – addresses a “crisis within a crisis” as new ...