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News for Plate

Ohio drops front license plate requirement beginning today
Ohio drivers will no longer be drilling holes into the front of a new vehicle to mount a license plate beginning today.

Saucony's latest running shoe promises a speed boost without a carbon plate
Saucony has launched a new running shoes designed to give you extra speed without the need for a carbon plate. The EndorphinSPEED is intended for speed training and racing, with a plate made of ...

Marché Plate Penstock d’ici 2024 par fabricants, régions, revenus, prix et application
Le rapport d’étude de marché 2019-2024 sur le marché Plate Penstock est une étude et une analyse approfondies du marché par nos experts de l’industrie avec une connaissance inégalée du domaine. Le rap ...

INTERVIEW: Chef David Burke On Honest Plate, Sustainability, #CookinDB, #FeedtheHeroes And More
"Sustainability is important to me; we are always exploring ways raise the "green" bar at my restaurants. We do a lot of repurposing of what would conventionally be considered scraps to reduce our ...

Parker's Plate: Save-a-Lot 4th of July Food Display
Lot has a BIG food display for your upcoming 4th of July "small" gathering.

Mt. Juliet police report 36 criminal stops through new license plate recognition cameras
So far, Mt. Juliet police reported 36 interceptions through a new license plate recognition camera initiative launched earlier this year.

Blondie’s Plate primed for reopening
I can’t sit still,” he said last week, fresh from a bike ride from home to his newest venture, the soon-to-be-reopened Blondie’s Plate. Armstrong’s business focus comes into sharp relief in the past ...

Full Plate: A Boulder restaurant is moving to Denver, Chipotle opens 2nd drive-thru
The Ginger Pig, which transitioned from being a food truck to operating in Boulder’s Rosetta Hall in late 2019, is closing its stall in order to open a free-standing location in Denver, owner Natascha ...

DIY: Flower garden plate art
This is the time of year that garden lovers like to spruce up the exterior of their homes. Being in quarantine gave me the perfect opportunity to try a DIY project of my own. Luckily, Midwest Antiques ...

Monsoon on your plate
Shevla is found in the first few weeks of monsoon Like the shevla, western Maharashtra's typical topography makes it fertile ground for other unique vegetables and shrubs in monsoon. "These include ...

Elsie's Plate & Pie temporarily closing after employee tests positive for coronavirus
City eatery announced on Tuesday they'll be temporarily closing their doors to customers after a staff member tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Starting Wednesday, Ohio drivers will need only one license plate
Starting Wednesday, Ohio's drivers can ditch their front license plates.  The change in state law, approved last summer, will bring Ohio in line with 19 other states, including Indiana and ...