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Facebook Faces New Lawsuit Over Alleged Covert Collection Of Facial Recognition Data
For the third month in a row, Facebook faces a lawsuit over the collection of biometric data. Facebook blames the latest intrusion on a camera bug that has been fixed.

The race to build facial recognition tech for Africa is being led by this award-winning engineer
Charlette N’Guessan is the first woman to win the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation from the UK’ s Royal Academy of Engineering ...

Facial reconstruction reveals Egyptian 'mummy portrait' was accurate except for one detail
Just after the turn of the first millennium A.D., a young child living in Egypt contracted a deadly illness — most likely pneumonia — and died. His tiny body was prepared for mummification and burial; ...

In a facial recognition bill backed by Microsoft, three words stand between citizens and their civil rights
In Washington, the first US state to pass a law regulating facial recognition, it’s legal for government agencies to use facial recognition to deny citizens access to basic rights and services ...

Workplace Facial Screenings Could Have Consequences (Opinion)
The presence of artificial intelligence in workplaces has risen drastically, however, the technology remains highly controversial. Perhaps the workplace is better off without AI.

Global Facial Aesthetics Market
Global Trade Impact on the Facial Aesthetics Market due to COVID 19 Key Statistics Trends Followed and Other Industry Analysis The new report published by the Market research Store global Facial ...

Montreal should restrict police use of facial recognition technology: councillor
An opposition councillor in Montreal says he plans to introduce a motion next week that would restrict the use of facial recognition and other surveillance technologies by city police.Marvin Rotrand s ...

Fujitsu reveals tool to counter biometric facial authentication fraud
Fujitsu Laboratories has announced a new technology capable of detecting attempts to fool biometric facial recognition systems. The tool can be installed on conventional cameras and can set apart ...

How To Care for Your Skin After Your Facial Procedure
Everyone has their perfect skin care routine, but while it may be suitable for healthy skin, you may want to put it on pause after cosmetic surgery. Even facial procedures that don’t leave wounds that ...

Justice Wants to Add Facial Recognition to Marshals’ Smartphones
The service is looking for a software development kit to help it integrate biometrics tools with an app used to facilitate prisoner transfers.

More than 1,000 Parents Sign Open Letter Calling for a Ban on Facial Recognition in Schools
The letter is a part of a new effort by Fight for the Future, the digital rights group behind BanFacialRecognition.com that will specifically focus on K-12 schools.