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Lockdown-vermaak: 8 brute nieuwe LEGO-sets die je nu scoort
Aanraders dus. We hebben al vele lijstjes met LEGO-sets gepubliceerd, die je allemaal hier kunt vinden. Het Deense speelgoedmerk heeft 2021 sterk afgetrapt met meerdere interessante sets. We selectere ...

Dit wordt carnaval 2021: online fuiven, nostalgie... en Lego
Zonder corona zouden op 14 februari de eerste Limburgse carnavalsstoeten uitrijden. Om de feestperiode niet zomaar voorbij te laten gaan, organiseren ...

8 brute LEGO-sets voor volwassenen die je dit jaar niet mag missen
(Bron: LEGO) Vorig jaar hebben we door de pandemie grotendeels binnen doorgebracht. Gelukkig hoefden we het niet ...

LEGO teases the next Ideas set with a short video of a queue to the blacksmith [News]
A short video shared by LEGO today gives a nice retrospective of LEGO castle minifigs, from the oldest designs to the newest ones. According to a tweet from Samuel Johnson, LEGO Ideas design manager, ...

The Best Small LEGO Sets in January 2021
Although it’s disappointing that we might not be able to get our favorite large sets right away, there are many newly released small and medium size sets that are available and worth checking out. I ...

The 12 Best LEGO Gifts
The best LEGO gifts will help the child you're shopping for expand their LEGO world to play with the bricks in new ways ...

Lego Ninjago celebrates 10th anniversary with massive new City Gardens set
Lego Ninjago has led to not only dozens of new sets being announced but also a streetwear collection from HYPE.

Everything we know about LEGO’s summer 2021 Star Wars kits: UCS Gunship, Death Star, more
Now that 2021 is underway and the first batch of kits are out, we're looking at what to expect from the upcoming LEGO Star Wars Summer wave.

LEGO Trouble on Tatooine review: Beskar Mando and Baby Yoda make this set a steal
The LEGO Trouble on Tatooine set is finally giving builders a chance to add a Beskar Armor Mandalorian figure to their collection, plus more.

Alban et Xavier, un binôme de Liégeois en finale de Lego Masters: “À 40 ans, on peut encore jouer aux Lego et être un peu pris au sérieux”
Alban et Xavier, binôme liégeois de Lego Masters, a fait sensation dans cette émission où l’ego n’a pas sa place. Au contraire de la brique !

The Lego Batman Movie
In the irreverent spirit of fun that made “The LEGO® Movie” a worldwide phenomenon, the self-described leading man of that ensemble – LEGO Batman ...