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News for Arizona

Arizona Cardinals GM giving Larry Fitzgerald 'space' to make decision on 2021
The Cardinals are letting 17-year veteran Larry Fitzgerald take his time when it comes to his intentions for the 2021 season.

Arizona governor orders school districts to offer in-person learning by March 15
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) issued an executive order on Wednesday ordering schools to return to in-person, teacher-led instruction by March 15.

Rob Gronkowski to Coach Arizona Spring Game
Rob Gronkowski will be adding the title of head coach to his resume, at least for one game. Gronkowski completed his first season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be the head coach at his alma mater ...

Arizona considering law that could help Fortnite maker Epic remake Apple and Google app stores
The new rules could force Apple and Google to allow alternative payment options, an issue at the center of Apple and Google's lawsuits with Epic.

Arizona Prison Guard Alleges Sex Assaults by Supervisor
An Arizona corrections officer has alleged in a lawsuit that she was subjected to a hostile environment at a prison where her supervisor was accused of sexually assaulting her and three others who ...

Arizona House advances bill that would allow apps to bypass Apple, Google fees
An Arizona bill that would allow app developers to bypass fees from the Apple and Google stores advanced Wednesday in the state House. The bill, introduced by Republican state Rep. Regina Cobb passed ...

J.J. Watt reaction: Super Bowl for Arizona Cardinals?
The Arizona Cardinals might not have been on the national pundits' radar last week, but his signing on Monday has changed lots of perceptions.

Push for horse track gambling could doom proposal to bring sports betting to Arizona
Sports betting has wide support among the public as well as from Republicans and Democrats at the Arizona Legislature, and from the governor ...

Arizona Diamondbacks' Tim Locastro tests positive for COVID-19
Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Tim Locastro has tested positive for COVID-19. Manager Torey Lovullo said on Wednesday that Locastro tested positive on Tuesday night and would be out for 10 days ...

Fortnite Could Get Around Apple And Google's Payment Systems, If Proposed Arizona Bill Is Passed
A proposed Arizona bill has passed the House, which would allow Epic Games to offer its own payment method and forbid Apple or Google from retaliating.

J.J. Watt banking on Kyler Murray to take Arizona Cardinals to the next level
Is Kyler Murray a Super Bowl-level quarterback? J.J. Watt seems to think so, and Colin Cowherd agrees with the new Cardinal.

Arizona Diamondbacks’ Tim Locastro out after testing positive for COVID-19
Diamondbacks outfielder Tim Locastro will likely be gone from camp for at least 10 days after testing positive for the novel coronavirus.