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News for Colorado

Colorado residents asked to make evacuation plans as the CalWood Fire breaks out
Colorado officials are asking residents in Jamestown to make evacuation plans as firefighters continue battling the newly sparked CalWood Fire. The fire began around noon Saturday north of Jamestown, ...

Wildfires rage in Colorado, much cooler temperatures expected East
While there are no red flag warnings and no significant fire weather for the entire U.S. today, plenty of damage has still been done.

Colorado's largest-ever wildfire grows to nearly 200,000 acres
The Cameron Peak Fire has grown into the largest wildfire in Colorado history. It has burned more than 199,356 acres and more than 1,500 personnel are battling the blaze. While the fire is 62% ...

Will Colorado bring back wolves? It’s up to voters
Colorado voters will decide on Nov. 3 whether the state should reintroduce gray wolves ( Canis lupus) after a nearly 80-year absence. Ballot Proposition 114 would require the state to develop and ...

Watch four views from the Cameron Peak fire, now the largest in Colorado's history
The Cameron Peak wildfire in northern Colorado grew to more than 187,000 acres Oct. 17 as fire crews race to contain the blaze.

Colorado town to love in winter: Steamboat Springs
All of your winter dreams can come true in Steamboat Springs. Just ask the locals, who know how ambitions here burn hottest when the temperature drops.

3 Colorado state parks made for winter
State Forest State Park. They were making the two-mile hike to the Nokhu Hut to spend a couple nights. The hut is one of several structures in the park managed by Never Summer Nordic. (The Gazette, ...

Debate between Colorado congressmen Ken Buck, Ike McCorkle ends as challenger shouts questions
Colorado Republican Rep. Ken Buck and Democratic challenger Isaac “Ike” McCorkle held their first and only congressional debate Friday night, which ended with McCorkle shouting questions at Buck after ...

Colorado State Patrol searching for hit-and-run driver
Colorado State Patrol says one person on a motorcycle was killed in the crash when they were traveling with a group of other motorcyclists. They have not yet identified the person involved. CSP is ...

Strong winds fan Colorado's largest recorded wildfire
The Cameron Peak Fire, one of two Rocky Mountain wildfires, that have been pushed by strong winds has become the largest in Colorado's history. The Mullen Fire in southeastern Wyoming has grown little ...

Smoke Plume Rises From CalWood Wildfire in Colorado
Houses are engulfed in flames from the CalWood wildfire which is burning in the Boulder County foothills near the town of Jamestown, as seen from Niwot, Colorado on Saturday, October 17, 2020.

These photos show the intense smoke from Colorado's largest wildfire ever
August and has grown to more than 270 square miles. These photos show the intensity of the state's largest fire.