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Apple iPad (2018) review: Still outperforms every Android tablet
Apple has only itself to blame for this: the sixth generation of the iPad is a cheap iPad, or at least cheap by Apple’s standards. You get the sense that it was cheaply produced around almost every corner, and yet Apple has still produced an enormously ...

The Apple iPad 9.7" Is Everything We've Been Waiting For
Chat with us on Facebook Messenger. Learn what's trending across POPSUGAR. I'll be the first to admit it: I'm one of those people that held on to their original iPad for years, dreading the moment when an iOS update would force me to upgrade. And when that ...

The new iPad and Apple Pencil helped me finally understand the utility of a tablet
I got very little use out of my first iPad back in 2011. Even amid all of the excitement of having a brand-new Apple device, I felt no real need for my second-generation iPad, between my iPhone and my MacBook. I know I'm not alone. I've heard a lot of ...

The New 9.7″ iPad: Our Complete Overview
At their education event held in Chicago earlier today, Apple announced an update for the 9.7" iPad model that, while not adopting all the features from the more powerful iPad Pro line, brings support for the Apple Pencil and includes the A10 Fusion chip.

9,7-inch iPad (2018) - Nog steeds de beste tablet
Het ontwerp van de iPad is onveranderd en dat is niet eens zo gek. Waar Android-tablets onderling kunnen verschillen, is de iPad qua vormgeving een waar begrip. Bij het ‘woord’ tablet zullen veel mensen dan ook denken aan een iPad, met zijn afgeronde ...

The best iPad (2018) screen protectors
The new iPad comes with a shiny Retina screen, the signature Apple polish, and Pencil support, all for the bargain price of $330. But with Apple taking aim at classrooms in particular, it’s easy to see that 9.7-inch screen getting smashed, scratched, or ...

iPad vs. Chromebook: Which is the real apple for the teacher?
Apple has long maintained that education is an iPad market. In fact, Apple's prior Education Event in New York City was all about iPad and iBooks Author. Apple seemed on a roll — it e scored a major deal with the LA School systems in 2013 worth up to 1.3 ...

New iPad is a crowd pleaser
Jim RossmanThe apple ipad is a gadget that appeals to a really wide audience. Take the example of my parents, who are retired and happy iPad users. Both are on their second iPads, and I'd venture to say they get used many times per day.I also know many ...

Is the iPad 5 Still a Great Deal After the iPad 6? With This Discount, It Definitely Is
The iPad 6 certainly takes the cake from a hardware perspective but that does not make the iPad 5 any less attractive. The amazing thing about new product launches is that the previous-generation ones receive a price cut, making it a golden buying ...

New Apple iPad hits stores in India: Price, launch offers and more
Apple iPad (6 th generation) had made its global debut in the US last month, and now, it has finally arrived in India. The new iPad (6th generation) is available both on e-commerce sites and also at brick-and-mortar stores across the country. It comes in ...