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Best iPad Case 2019: iPad Covers to Protect Your Tablet
One of the nicest things about the iPad is that as long as you don't break it, it'll probably last for quite some time—they don't start to feel old nearly as quickly as an iPhone or Android phone.

Journal for iPad Pro review: An executive look when you want to impress
Similar to the BookBook, the Journal is a folio-style case with a zipper enclosure. The outer material is a rich cognac brown leather all over and perfectly matches the color scheme of the entire ...

Photoshop for iPad begins beta testing ahead of public release [update]
Adobe has started private beta testing of Photoshop CC for iPad. When the application was announced back in October 2018, Adobe promised a 2019 launch. Adobe has now sent out TestFlight builds to ...

All the iPad keyboard shortcuts for building Siri Shortcuts
Whether you're opening the Gallery to view suggested shortcuts, searching for a shortcut in your list, or quickly controlling parts of the shortcuts editor, these simple keyboard shortcuts are worth ...

Review: Twelve South Journal is updated for the latest iPad Pros
If you aren't familiar with the Twelve South Journal line, it consists of simple, modern, leather folios for a wide array of Apple products. Apple's entire iOS line all get the Journal treatment.

Photoshop sur iPad est vraiment comme sur Mac / PC
Après l'annonce officielle de Photoshop complet sur iPad en octobre 2018, la société spécialisée dans les outils de création graphique numérique avait lancée une bêta fermée en mai dernier.

How to put your iPad in DFU mode to restore a totally unresponsive device, as a last resort
If your iPad is unresponsive, you can put your iPad in DFU mode to salvage it – but you'll lose everything that isn't backed up. Here's how to do it.

What to do when your iPad freezes: 5 ways of getting it to work again
Don't sweat it. The fix is just one step away. You’re happily browsing, watching some Netflix or reading an e-book on your iPad, and suddenly, it freezes. Technology is great, but when our ...

Photoshop pour iPad ressemble vraiment à la version bureau
D'ici fin 2019 (soit plus d'un an après sa présentation), devrait sortir la très convoitée version de Photoshop pour iPad. Depuis quelques heures, il semblerait que la firme ait augmenté son groupe de ...

Cool Things: Paperlike 2 Screen Protector for the iPad
Two years ago, I covered an interesting Kickstarter product for the iPad Pro called the Paperlike. It was a screen protector that made the iPad’s screen feel more textured like a piece of paper. I ...

New RAM Perfect Fit Cradles released for iPad Pro 11″ and 12.9″ models
The 11″ iPad Pro features an edge-to-edge screen and high-performance processor. The iPad Pro 11″ is hands down the best full-size iPad for pilots. We’ve been flying with it for nearly a year now and ...

How to Pair iPhone/iPad and Google Smart Speaker with Bluetooth
I would guess that there are many of you out there that own and iPhone/iPad and have a Google Home/Mini/Hub but don't have them connected via Bluetooth. The guide below will show you how to connect ...