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Watch Foo Fighters Watching Their Own History
Foo Fighters have released a 26-minute documentary in which Dave Grohl’s band looks back at its 25-year history and discusses memories of various moments. The video, titled Time ...

Foo Fighters : un documentaire à voir gratuitement pour les 25 ans du groupe
Il s’agit d’un court documentaire de 30 minutes qui célèbre le quart de siècle des Foo Fighters. Il a été diffusé hier (le 23 novembre) sur leur chaîne Youtube. On y voit le groupe assis en train de m ...

Foo Fighters react to throwback footage in Times Like Those mini doc for 25th anniversary
Dave Grohl and co headed to a private cinema to look back at some of their biggest moments for their 25th anniversary.

Foo Fighters are streaming their Times Like Those documentary
It’s probably fair to say the 25th anniversary of the Foo Fighters isn’t going exactly and Dave Grohl would have envisioned it, but the latest feature to mark the occasion is a short, retrospective ...

Foo Fighters blikt terug op hun carrière in mini-docu 'Times Like Those'
Om het 25-jarig jubileum te vieren heeft Foo Fighters een bijzondere mini-docu gemaakt waarin ze terugblikken op de hoogtepunten van hun carrière.

Foo Fighters Revisit Band History in ‘Times Like Those’ Film
The Foo Fighters took a little break from promoting their upcoming record, Medicine at Midnight, to share Times Like Those, a new short film created in honor of the group’s 25th anniversary. The ...

Dave Grohl s’avoue vaincu face à Nandi Bushell et interprète le nouveau single des Foo Fighters en live
Le leader des Foo Fighters a reconnu sa défaite face à la jeune fille de 10 ans, Nandi Bushell. Vous le savez, ils se sont tout deux affrontés pendant le confinement à coups de battle de batteries, ch ...

Foo Fighters Relive Their History in New ‘Times Like Those’ Short Film
The Foo Fighters take a long trip down memory lane in a new short film tied to their 25th anniversary, Times Like Those. The 25-minute video was filmed during some recent pandemic downtime and ...

Foo Fighters Fans Angered By First 2020 Concert
Foo Fighters apologized to fans who were having issues getting tickets to their digital performance at The Roxy in Los Angeles on Saturday night. Foo Fighters recently reacted to Pat Smear’s absence.

Foo Fighters au FEQ: «La foule était déchainée»
Le mythique concert de quatre chansons sous l’orage des Foo Fighters, lors du Festival d’été de Québec en 2015, sur les plaines d’Abraham, n’a pas seulement marqué les dizaines de milliers de spectate ...

Foo Fighters Take a Trip Down Memory Lane in 'Times Like Those' Short Film
This year marks Foo Fighters' 25th anniversary of being a band, and after their celebratory "Van Tour" was cancelled due to COVID-19, the ...