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De Foo Fighters werden op het laatste nippertje toegevoegd aan de line-up van het virtuele benefietconcert ten voordele van de presidentscampagne van de ...

Foo Fighters : une superbe version épurée de "Times Like These"
Dans un post sur Twitter juste avant le concert, les Foo Fighters ont écrit : "La musique a le pouvoir de changer le monde. Tout comme le vote." En avril dernier, Dave Grohl s’était joint à plusieurs ...

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Foo Fighters to Headline Joe Biden Virtual Benefit Concert
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Foo Fighters bemoeien zich met de verkiezingsstrijd
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Watch Foo Fighters perform a stripped-down version of ‘Times Like These’ for virtual Joe Biden benefit gig
Foo Fighters headlined a virtual benefit concert to help support Joe Biden's ongoing presidential campaign last night (October 25).

Rage Against The Machine, Foo Fighters members cover Eurythmics with Afghan group Miraculous Love Kids
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Foo Fighters Play Stripped-Down Version of ‘Times Like These’ for Biden Benefit
With just over a week before the U.S. Presidential election, the Foo Fighters brought a stripped-back version of the band’s “Times Like These,” off their 2003’s One by One, to the I Will Vote benefit ...

Foo Fighters, Pink, Cher, Jon Bon Jovi to Perform at Joe Biden Virtual Event Tonight
Manuel Miranda, Amy Schumer, Dave Grohl, Helen Mirren, Maren Morris, the Bidens and more to appear during "I Will Vote" event Sunday night ...

Foo Fighters Perform Without Original Members
Foo Fighters and Jon Bon Jovi performed at the ‘I Will Vote Concert’ for Joe Biden on Sunday night. While the Foos were billed as performing, only Dave Grohl and Rami Jaffee played “Times Like These” ...

Foo Fighters Strip Back Times Like These For Joe Biden Virtual Event
Watch Dave Grohl perform a stunning stripped back version of Times Like These for Joe Biden's virtual I Will Vote concert.

Foo Fighters to headline Biden benefit concert: Timings, line-up and all you need to know about the fundraiser
The event comes less than two weeks before America goes to the polls to vote for their next president on November 3 ...