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Three teenagers charged with killing high school classmate with knife and sword
year-old male texted ‘murder was coming soon’ because victim had sex with girl male had ‘emotional connection’ to ...

3 teens accused of killing H.S. classmate with knife and sword to be charged as adults
The teenagers were arrested last week on murder, conspiracy and evidence tampering charges, police in Miramar, Florida, said.

Cobalion, Terrakion en Virizion krijgen Sacred Sword tijdens de komende maand
Cobalion heeft in het verleden al een keer zijn bijzondere aanval gehad in Pokémon GO, maar Terrakion en Virizion nog niet. Daar komt ...

After developing the leading digital solution to treat MSK disorders, SWORD now introduces the flagship solution to prevent such conditions. SWORD+ consists of three modules: The Academy, ASK a PT™ ...

Man Wielding 'Samurai Sword' Fatally Shot By Police: Officials
DeKalb police responded to a call from a woman who said a man had been drinking and threatened to kill her with the sword early Monday.

Three Florida teens killed a classmate with a knife and a sword in a surprise attack, police say
Dwight “DJ” Grant was walking down the stairwell in his apartment building with a 17-year-old female friend when he was met by two classmates armed with a sword and a knife, police said. The ...

Pokemon Sword and Shield Fan Theory Might Point to Next Legends: Arceus Variant
Arceus has already introduced fans to some exciting new regional variants from the Hisui region, and a new fan theory seems to point towards the next one: Dunsparce. The roots of the fan theory lie in ...

Autumn budget is ‘double-edged sword’ for independent retailers
Budget measures announced by chancellor Rishi Sunak earlier today represent a "double-edged sword for smaller businesses", says the NFRN trade body. The ...

Miami-area teens involved in sword murder of high school student charged as adults, prosecutors say
Three teenagers involved in the brutal murder of a high school senior as he was being stabbed with a knife and sword will be charged as adults, authorities said Tuesday.

Double-edged sword in ₹5 price point; how Prataap Snacks learnt the hard way
The company is trying to reduce its dependence on the ₹5 price-point from 85% to 60% in the next three years. It has also saved 5%-6% by rationalising its distribution network and process optimisation ...

Florida teens killed 18-year-old with sword after luring him with sex: cops
A Florida teenager was lured from his apartment with the promise of sex and stabbed to death with a sword in a murder plot hatched by three teens, reports said.

The Last Misadventure of The Sword Maiden, Adela
Held for ransom in a spider’s web until her ransom wasn’t payed, the hapless sword maiden, Adela was left in the care of Bozhanna, the spidress. Bozhanna was a gigantic black spider, the one who had ...