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New car showroom
HSV enjoyed success with the Holden VL Commodore SS Group A SV in 1988 as the first car they produced and it went on to win the 1990 Bathurst 1000 race. That same year, what would end up being HSV’s ...

Larkin, Skinner among fantasy sleepers to watch in 2019-20
903 in 26 contests. And sure, Schneider dealt with an abdominal strain in 2018-19 but he hasn’t posted a SV% higher than .910 since 2015-16. Going into the new season with additions such as P.K ...

Who's the best NHL goalie of the decade?
This time, he won the award during a full-length season, posting a SV% of .931 and a 2.06 GAA. The bulk of his post-season appearances have occurred with Columbus. This past year, he backstopped ...

Jets’ Comrie’s New Deal Represents an Unexpected Chance
Five starts is not a significant sample size, to be totally fair, but his big-league numbers are ugly — a GAA above four and a SV% under .900. His only start last season, against the Minnesota ...

Shenandoah Valley Alumni Band marks 20th anniversary
The last regular band performance in the five-year cycle was 2014, with the borough’s 150th anniversary an exception to the rule after a request was made by Downtown Shenandoah Inc.’s promotions ...