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Rideshare insurer Buckle raises $31 million in Series A funding
Jersey City, New Jersey-based Buckle said the funding round was co-led by HSCM Bermuda and Eos Venture Partners.

Florida’s Elder-Care Facilities Buckle as Covid-19 Deaths Climb
Early on, Florida locked down elder-care facilities amid the pandemic, and the move initially helped stave off widespread deaths. Now, as the state contends with a surge of new infections, those ...

NYC wants civilians to help enforce quarantine; Buckle up for election 2020
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio announced he was setting up checkpoints to enter New York City. The NYPD is asking for volunteers from its civilian staff to enforce the state’s quarantine order for travelers ...

Buckle your chinstraps: Broncos enter second practice phase
Watch highlights from Friday's practice, as the Broncos hit the field with their helmets for the first time.

The Buckle, Inc. Reports July 2020 Net Sales
The Buckle, Inc. (NYSE:BKE) announced today that total net sales for the 4-week fiscal month ended August 1, 2020 increased 3.8 percent to $70.0 million from net sales of ...

TT Postscript: Buckle up, Tiger Woods off to promising start at PGA
Tiger Woods, in just his second tournament since early February, delivered a promising start Thursday at the PGA Championship.

Maybe we’ll have to convert empty shops into housing – Kevin Buckle
I suppose I had just got used to it as I regularly still walk that way but the shops being closed had somehow highlighted it again. Of course this is something that has happened all over the wider ...

I Live In Beirut. Our City Is On Its Knees, But We Will Not Buckle
Even before the explosion, I’ve seen first-hand how Lebanon has been struggling with starvation, poverty and the coronavirus pandemic.

Dating Naked Season 2 Ep 1 Strip Down and Buckle Up
Two attractive singles, Kerri and Chris, arrive to a beautiful island in The Philippines, where they will spend the next 10 weeks looking for true love...completely nude. But things get complicated ...

Lalla Flower Farm: trees buckle under pressure of falling snow
"So I stuck my head out of the door, it was so still, but all I could hear was the incredible crashing of the branches." Mrs Dockray said trees damaged during weather events was not uncommon in her ...

Islanders look to buckle down, oust Panthers
The Florida Panthers are still alive in their best-of-five play-in series against the New York Islanders which resumes Friday ...