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Type 2 diabetics can REPAIR their damaged pancreas by losing weight, new study reveals
Scientists at Newcastle University found type 2 diabetics can restore their pancreas to a healthy shape if they go into remission by losing around two stone.

BADLY damaged, dirty or even torn United States dollar notes remain valid for all transactions and can be exchanged as legal tender. This ...

'Damaged wheels' led to diesel train derailment and major blaze in Wales
Ten of the train's wagons came off the tracks after faulty brakes damaged its wheels while it passed through Llangennech, near Llanelli, on August 26. Police officers evacuated 300 people from their ...

Elgin man charged with aggravated DUI in crash that damaged two East Dundee police cars
An Elgin man who reportedly struck and badly damaged two East Dundee police vehicles over the weekend has been charged with aggravated DUI, prosecutors said.

Damaged Inert Gas Tubes found on Dutch F-35 Fighter Jets
Lightning II fighter jet has been found to be vulnerable to lightning. Damaged tubes, part of the On-Board Inert Gas Generation System (OBIGGS) in fuel tank, have been found on F-35A fighters ...

Boats damaged by wildfire removed from Detroit Lake
This time of year water levels at Detroit Lake drop about a foot a day. This boat removal operation was a race against the clock. At one point a marine deputy was so worried that ...

'Buy a bridge and get over it': Auckland's damaged Harbour Bridge 'up for sale'
The Auckland Harbour Bridge is "up for sale" just days after it was damaged by a truck that toppled over in the wind. The bridge was damaged on Friday when two trucks crashed in quick succession after ...

Auckland's biggest transport fail isn't the damaged harbour bridge
In weeks, Auckland's bridge woes will be mere barbecue banter – but its crippled rail system will be months away from a fix.

Family concerned damaged tree from Hurricane Laura may fall on elderly woman’s home during Beta
ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Hurricane Laura damaged thousands of trees and powerlines throughout Central Louisiana. The monstrous storm also left several trees and buildings weakened and damaged. One of ...

LATEST: US embassy speaks on torn, dirty or damaged United States dollar notes
TORN, dirty or damaged United States dollar notes remain valid for all transactions and can be exchanged as legal tender, the US embassy has said. The announcement would come as a relief to customers ...

'Damaged wheels' and brake fault led to train derailment near Llanelli, investigators find
The train derailed and nearby homes had to be evacuated. The derailment of a freight train that caused a major fire happened because of a fault with its wheels and brakes, investigators have found.

The Magic Of Watching Old And Damaged Things Get Restored – Watch
Check Them Out With the pandemic, most people are stuck in their homes with too much time on their hands. Thanks to the internet, however, there are plenty of things to watch to keep us occupied. One ...