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News for Art

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He's amassed a £16 billion fortune, owns more land than the Queen and has properties in London, Singapore and France.

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The independent curator and arts educator has had a nonstop month. He shares how he's been staying grounded through it all.

Stolen Roman statue found in Belgian shop by off-duty Italian art police
The “Togatus” statue, featuring a headless Roman wearing a draped toga, was stolen in November 2011 from the Villa Marini Dettina archaeological site on the outskirts of Rome.

Art House Productions Announces Virtual Workshop Presentation Of OPEN LINE
Art House Productions has announced a workshop presentation of Open Line, conceived and performed by Max Reuben, and featuring artist Sally Chen, on Thursday, April 22 at 8:00pm EST on Zoom. Hi, there ...

Budweiser promises to restore art it plastered with Messi murals
The walls of Delhi and Mumbai recently became a theatre of disagreement between a street art organisation and a high-profile beer brand. St+art India Foundation, which works with artists and has ...

Cheech Marin Center for Chicano Art to open in Riverside next year (PHOTOS)
A new museum dedicated to Chicano art and culture is coming to Riverside, California, and will be named after actor and comedian Cheech Marin. The Cheech Marin Center for Chicano Art & Culture is ...

Artists often work alone. COVID made it worse. 'But we're hanging in there,' says Stamford art group.
And that’s why Martinez and the 150 members of the Stamford Art Association said they are excited about the group’s current exhibition, “Spring 2021,” a celebration of post-pandemic possibilities and ...

Spring is in full bloom with “Art Blossoms” at the Columbia Museum of Art
Spring has sprung, and the Columbia Museum of Art is launching an brand new "Art Blossoms" exhibit and museum fundraiser this week. From this Wednesday-Sunday, you can experience fine art, flowers, ...

Bridging the Gap Between Art and Business
Two young university students who saw this gap in art and business, came together to help artists sell their work and to educate them on the business side of the art world. Bidgala founded by ...

‘Art for Animals’ set for May 7-21 in Poplar Bluff
The popular “Art for Animals” exhibit and silent auction will be held May 7-May 21 this year. (Source: AWA) POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. (KFVS) - The popular “Art for Animals” exhibit and silent auction will be ...

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SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: James Dyson wins battle to show public his art
Despite fierce local opposition, he has, I can disclose, just received the go-ahead to create a new art gallery at Dodington Park, the 51-bedroom stately home in Gloucestershire he snapped up for £20 ...