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News for Art

10-year-old art prodigy shows off his work
Andres Valencia of San Diego said he began painting to pass the time during the pandemic. Now his artwork is being featured in Miami for the city’s annual Art Week.

Much-valued collaborator on art projects around the world
During the last 20 years of her life, Karen Casey was involved in numerous projects promoting Aboriginal reconciliation.

Smart art from a painter of strange beauty
When Jeffrey Smart made the painting Wallaroo in 1951, the promising young artist had only recently returned to his hometown of Adelaide following a ...

‘Mandy Martin From Queanbeyan to New York: 1978-1984 / Art & Life’
Art & Life’, curated by Virginia Rigby at Canberra Museum and Gallery, reveals the dramatic visual and material shifts in artist Mandy Martin’s practice with a focus on her creative output between ...

Digital art dominating Miami’s famous Art Basel
Two years ago it was a banana taped to a wall that took Miami’s famous Art Basel by storm. Now it’s the year of so-called crypto art. Buyers of digital art receive the work through non-fungible tokens ...

Missoula art shrouded in sheets to shed light on HIV/AIDS impact to LGBTQ community
Art, shrouds works of art and replaces them with information about HIV and the AIDS epidemic as a means to raise awareness.

Art that is balm for the soul
Vipoo Srivilasa is a cheerful man. Conversation with him flows fast and he chuckles a lot. His art is fun, too: little figurines in white and bright colours, decorated whimsically with imagery from ...

COVID: Daily ART tests for VTL travellers to Singapore from 7 Dec
All Vaccinated Travel Lane travellers entering Singapore by air have to take an Antigen Rapid Test over seven days from 6 December, 11.59pm.

Wakatta partners up with .ART to bring NFT-powered solutions to 150,000 artists
Wakatta, an NFT-focused blockchain developed by Sensorium DLT, has announced a strategic partnership with .ART, the world's top-level ...

Historic moment for Indian art & culture as Vishwarang reaches millions of viewers globally across 25+ countries
Vishwarang 2021' - the global Art, Culture and Literature festival came to an exciting closure with a promise to return in 2022, with ...

The Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal has reopened at its new downtown address: Place Ville Marie
The new location for one of Montreal's premiere destinations for contemporary art is open for visitors until renovations are completed in 2024.

Equal parts art and science: the formula to selecting Australia’s first Test team
Putting a successful team together is equal parts art and science. Only following the data has led many selection panels down an endless, dark tunnel.