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News for Cameras

Scientists build robot that uses CCTV cameras and thermal imaging to determine if people are following social distancing rules - and let them know when they are not complying
A research team at the University of Maryland has invented a system that uses AI, CCTV cameras and thermal imaging to detect social distancing breaches and to inform people of them.

Gift Guide: 10 great cameras for when a smartphone lens just isn’t enough
As we wade into the second pandemic-era holiday season, there's no better time to throw yourself headlong into a new hobby. Or that's what you should tell your loved ones when you gift them one of the ...

Revolutionary nano cameras as small as a grain of salt took these photos
Nano cameras the size of a coarse grain of salt could turn the entire back of an iPhone into a metasurface camera one day.

Police body cameras to get their latest hearing in Madison
Only the department's SWAT team has used body cameras to date. In the years Madison has been waffling on whether to deploy them departmentwide, their use elsewhere has steadily in ...

Gov't to make security cameras mandatory on trains
The Japanese government will oblige railway operators nationwide to install security cameras in newly built trains following a knife attack aboard a Tokyo train in October, the transport ministry said ...

Delhi govt to install 140,000 more CCTV cameras across the city: Kejriwal
Kejriwal said that the project has helped improve security, especially for women, adding that the camera footage has helped solve many criminal cases ...

Huge Holiday Savings: Get Up to 44% Off Blink Security Cameras and Doorbells at Amazon Today
Right now, you can get up to 44% off Blink cameras and devices at Amazon. This deal presents major savings on these best-selling home security monitors and can hopefully help you check some things off ...

Delhi to get 1.4 lakh more CCTV cameras, says Arvind Kejriwal
Crime has steadily fallen in the capital since 2014, although there is no conclusive data to link it to surveillance ...

Chatham police report new speed cameras led to dramatic drop in school zone citations
Installing speed cameras at various schools zones in the Savannah-Chatham Public School System has led to a dramatic decrease in citations.

Cuyahoga Falls police purchasing first set of body cameras
CUYAHOGA FALLS — Police officers in the city will be wearing body cameras for the first time at some point in 2022. The police department is spending approximately $380,000 to purchase 60 body cameras ...

Minnesota State Patrol to begin wearing body cameras
A group of 40 Minnesota State Troopers will begin wearing body cameras as soon as next week with the entire force using them by June 2022. Capitol security officers and commercial vehicle inspectors ...

Roving traffic cameras will slap £70 fines on parents parking outside schools
High-tech enforcement cameras have been placed in ‘key spots’ outside schools across Doncaster to catch motorists who flout the rules and put safety at risk, bosses said. Drivers who enter the ...