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News for Russia

UPDATE 1-Carlsberg raises outlook on strong sales in China and Russia
Danish brewer Carlsberg posted third-quarter underlying sales that beat expectations on Tuesday and raised its full-year earnings guidance thanks to strong sales in Russia and China.

Russia Seeks Accelerated WHO Registration For Virus Vaccine
Russia has applied to the World Health Organization for accelerated registration and pre-qualification of its Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine, the country's sovereign wealth fund said Tuesday. Russia ...

How does Russia meddle in US politics?
What form does Russian interference take? And how has a climate of “fake news” taken on a life of its own within the US?

Russia applies for WHO emergency use tag for its COVID-19 vaccine
Russia was the first country to grant regulatory approval for a novel coronavirus vaccine, and did so before large-scale trials were complete, stirring concerns among scientists and doctors about the ...

Does Russia, China, North Korea Want Trump To Win The Election? What Trump Said About Putin, Xi, Kim Jong Un
President Donald Trump said North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping would prefer him to be reelected over Joe Biden, calling them "sharp as a ...

Russia enacted a national mask mandate. Trump still won't do so, though it could save an estimated 130,000 lives.
Research shows masks can prevent coronavirus transmission and save lives. Amid a surge in cases, Russia has ordered citizens to wear face coverings.

Russia's Ustyugov to lose second Olympic gold over 'orchestrated' doping
Russian biathlete Evgeny Ustyugov has been suspended for doping for a second time, this time following the analysis of his biological passport, the International Biathlon Federation (IBU) announced ...

IU students studying Russia work to separate culture from politics
Russia has been connected to many controversies, with election interference being the most recent issue on the minds of American citizens. However, students at IU are still passionate about the ...

Russia to open WORLD’S LARGEST gold mine in Siberia
Russia's largest gold miner Polyus said it is working on securing 100 percent ownership of the Sukhoi Log gold deposit in Siberia, which has estimated reserves of 540 million tons of ore, containing ...

Despite setbacks, Russia still leans towards Trump: analysts
Despite failing to realise the Kremlin's hopes of spearheading a new era in US-Russia ties, President Donald Trump is still Moscow's preferred candidate in the US election over his rival Joe Biden, ...

Russia detains drug dealing gang, seizing 100 kg of marijuana
Russia’s FSB officers have arrested a drug dealing group that was involved in selling drugs in large quantities in the Russian Far East, around 100 kg of marijuana was seized, the FSB told TASS ...

‘In the spirit of goodwill’: Moscow won’t deploy controversial 9M729 missiles in European Russia if NATO reciprocates, says Putin
Russia will delay deployment of its much-debated 9M729 missiles in the European part of its territory, as a goodwill gesture, if NATO takes reciprocal steps. Monday's proposal comes after the US ...