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Chinese Tesla rival Xpeng Motors files for New York IPO
Xpeng's push for a New York IPO comes amid escalating tensions between the U.S. and China that have threatened Chinese firms listing on Wall Street.

Queensland court dismisses student activist Drew Pavlou's case against Chinese diplomat
Pavlou complained China’s Brisbane consul-general Xu Jie had incited violence against him following a protest at University of Queensland ...

Drew Pavlou has complaint against Chinese Consul-General Dr Xu Jie dismissed
Suspended student activist Drew Pavlou has called on the Prime Minister and the Foreign Affairs Minister to remove the highest-ranking Chinese official in Brisbane from his position, after his ...

Drew Pavlou's case against Chinese diplomat dismissed in court
A Brisbane magistrate has rejected University of Queensland student and human rights activist Drew Pavlou's quest to file a form of restraining order against Brisbane's Chinese consul-general, citing ...

Chinese companies rush for US IPOs ahead of new restrictions
Chinese companies are rushing forward with plans to raise more than $5 billion in initial public offerings in New York ahead of new U.S. rules that would effectively shut off this funding channel. KE ...

Chinese stocks drop after Washington unveils sanctions
The declines came after US President Donald Trump on Friday imposed sanctions on 11 Chinese and Hong Kong officials in response to Beijing imposing a sweeping national security law on the ...

Chinese village sealed off after death from bubonic plague
The death was reported to health authorities in Baotou city on Sunday and the victim was confirmed to be a bubonic plague patient on Thursday, the Baotou Municipal Health Commission said in a ...

Chinese held in Mondulkiri for expired passports
Mondulkiri provincial police on Sunday questioned 22 Chinese nationals suspected of holding expired passports after they were detained on Saturday at a hotel in Spean Meanchey commune’s Chambok ...

Ecuador Navy Surveils Huge Chinese Fishing Fleet Near Galapagos
A fishing boat is seen from an aircraft of the Ecuadorian navy after a fishing fleet of mostly Chinese-flagged ships was detected in an international corridor that borders the Galapagos Islands' ...

What is WeChat and why does Donald Trump want to ban the Chinese app?
The decision to ban WeChat will have long-term implications on consumers, American companies with a significant presence in China, US-China relations, and the future of the internet.

Action against Chinese diplomat dismissed
Legal action by a student activist suing China's Brisbane consul-general has been dismissed, with a magistrate ruling he has diplomatic immunity. Beijing ...

Queensland court dismisses university student Drew Pavlou's case against Chinese Consul General
A Queensland court dismisses a complaint against the Chinese Consul General for allegedly inciting violence against university student, Drew Pavlou, on the grounds he has diplomatic immunity.