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News for Israel

Israel Parliament Scraps Sessions After Lawmaker Gets Virus
Israel's parliament told employees to remain home and cancelled lawmaker meetings on Thursday, after a member of the Arab-led Joint List tested positive for coronavirus. "In light of MP Sami Abu ...

Israel PORCHraits: Photography during coronavirus lockdown
Despite coronavirus lockdown, Lisa Rich found a new outlet – taking family photos outside the front doors, balconies and porches of peoples’ homes and apartments.

Palestinians Reject Cash From Israel to Protest Annexation Plan
The cash-strapped Palestinian Authority rejected a monthly tax transfer from Israel, stepping up its protest against the Israeli government’s declared intent to annex land the Palestinians claim for a ...

How Israel became a global power in television
Scandinavia. The weather is hot, the people outspoken, the history bloody and disputed. Credit:Netflix Yet as a source of must-see television, the country has emerged as an international force to be ...

What will be the 'new normal' for Israel's gap year programs?
According to EMA Care, an estimated 80% of programs will close down permanently if they are not able to reopen in the fall.

Israel's Team8 raises $104M to make bigger cybersecurity and enterprise bets
Team8, the Israel-based firm founded by a team of intelligence vets and backed by the likes of Intel, Microsoft, Walmart and Cisco to develop and spin out cybersecurity startups, is announcing a step ...

Israel’s Knesset Meetings Canceled After Lawmaker Tests Positive
Israel’s Knesset canceled meetings and told non-essential workers to stay home after a lawmaker tested positive for coronavirus.

J Street’s ‘pro-Israel, pro-Peace’ motto is a misnomer
J Street’s mantra may captivate and intrigue the unsuspecting young adult who supports Israel yet opposes its government’s policies. But the J Street on paper is not the J Street in action.

In the eyes of the Financial Times, Israel is a “segregated society”
Hugh Fitzgerald Adam Levick of CAMERA dissects a recent article on Israel in the Financial Times. The headline of the story in the ...

Palestinian govt rejects tax handover by Israel, in protest against West Bank annexation plan
The Palestinians have said they were rejecting taxes collected on their behalf by Israel, protesting against Israel’s plan to annex parts of the occupied West Bank.

Israel Parliament suspends activities after MP Sami Abou Shahadeh tests COVID-19 positive
The Israeli parliament or Knesset on Thursday suspended most of its activities for the day after a lawmaker tested positive for coronavirus.

Coronavirus: Israel parliament suspends sessions after lawmaker infected
Israel's parliament suspended sessions scheduled for Thursday after a lawmaker tested positive for the coronavirus, while some schools shut down again amid worries about fresh outbreaks. Having moved ...