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The Surreal World Of Artist Tekin Türe Will Blow Your Mind
A poetic world, strange and at the same time dreamlike, we can define the works of Tekin Türe based in Turkey. Using a lot of technique for creation and mainly creativity, the artist makes us travel ...

346 health workers diagnosed with COVID-19 in Diyarbakır
According to the latest figures shared by the Diyarbakır Health Platform, 346 healthcare workers, including 128 nurses and midwives, have tested positive for novel coronavirus in the province as of ...

Health Economics Program
The following Program Report, the most recent on this program, was prepared by former Program Director Michael Grossman and appeared in the 2015 Number 1 issue of the NBER Reporter.] The NBER Program ...

New Meriden barber shop will cater to those on autism spectrum
Steve Macri, owner of Meriden based Macri Enterprises, hangs a sign at New Style Hair Studio on Tuesday. New Style Hair Studio, 975 Broad St., Meriden, Tues., Jul. 28, 2020. The barbershop specializes ...

Merkur increases sports betting presence in Belgium
The Gauselmann Group’s interest in the Belgian sports betting sector has been boosted with subsidiary Merkur Sportwetten increasing its 50.1 per cent stake in ...

Udacity Launches New Course on Introduction to Cybersecurity
Udacity says that the program builds the right foundation for cybersecurity professionals and offers job-ready training within the domain ...

Udacity Launches Introduction to Cybersecurity Nanodegree Program
and cybersecurity is a critical industry that’s experiencing a significant gap between demand for and supply of qualified professionals,” said Alper Tekin, Chief Product Officer at Udacity. “We’re ...

New demands on Edtech sector amid pandemic
India’s booming Edtech industry is being forced to move beyond school curriculum to deal with the new demands for future-proof courses as well as up-skilling.  While many businesses bite the dust and ...

German synagogue attacker grins as trial is shown footage of his gun rampage that left two people dead - prompting six people to leave the courtroom
Stephan Balliet, 28, is currently in court in Landgericht, Magdeburg, charged with 13 crimes including murder and attempted murder after he failed to storm a German synagogue last October.

Germany's Thyssenkrupp AG completes sale of its elevator technology business
The group had signed an agreement with the consortium of equity firms on the purchase of the elevator business in February 2020, as a restructuring strategy to reduce debt to the net cash position and ...

Man accused of shooting two people dead in far-right gun attack has first day of German trial
Semite Stephan Balliet, 28, is charged with 13 crimes, including murder and attempted murder, after he failed to storm a synagogue in Halle, Germany.