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News for Tekin

Turkish cosmetics retailer Tekin Acar files for bankruptcy
Cosmetics retailer Tekin Acar has filed for bankruptcy, according to Turkish news site Diken. The company filed for bankruptcy with an Istanbul court following years of struggling sales compounded by ...

'5 Years Ago, It was Foreseen That Planes Couldn't Land in İstanbul Airport Due to Winds'
As several flights were cancelled at İstanbul Airport due to bad weather conditions holding out in the city, Republican People's Party (CHP) İstanbul MP Gürsel Tekin has submitted a Parliamentary ...

Novel OTOF pathogenic variant segregating with non-syndromic hearing loss in a consanguineous family from tribal Rajouri in Jammu and Kashmir.
Kuchay RAH(1), Mir YR(2), Zeng X(3), Hassan A(4), Namba K(5), Tekin M(6).

BeFunky's Portland Headquarters Is a Gorgeous Minimalist Oasis
Cofounded by former ad professional Tekin Tatar in Istanbul in 2007, BeFunky moved to San Francisco in 2012 and then—with just three staffers—to Portland in 2014, after Tatar’s wife fell in love with ...

Turkey Court Sentences Top Businessman’s Family
The Ankara court sentenced Ipek’s brother, Cafer Tekin Ipek, to more than 79 years in prison for a series of charges including being a member of an armed terrorist organisation, according to state ...

Aksaray Ulukışla Railway Line has reached the final point
Aksaray Commodity Exchange Council President Nurettin Yapılc the Aksaray Chamber of Commerce Assembly President Fatih Tekin first Turkey Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Association ( TOBB) President ...

Failed coup: Turkey court sentences top businessman’s family
The brother and mother of a prominent Turkish businessman received long prison sentences on Thursday for membership of the group blamed for a failed coup in 2016, state media reported. Businessman ...

Man Sentenced to 13 Years, 6 Months in Prison over Acid Attack on Woman
Fadi Tekin, the attorney of the defendant, said the incident was "gut-wrenching and grieving." He requested the court to release his client, considering the amount of time he served behind bars. The ...

Nostalgic Tram to Start for Sakarya Rail System
Dr. Fatih Savaşan, Rector of SUBU Dr. Mehmet Sarıbıyık, SATSO President Akgün Altuğ, MUSIAD President Yaşar Coşkun, SSI Provincial Director Erhan Çavuş, İMO Chairman Hüsnü Gürpınar, İŞKUR Director ...