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Hemper’s got the goods with high-design bongs and rigs
Why settle for a boring bong or rig when you could upgrade your setup with Hemper's excellent, designed-in-house glass? Get the lowdown on some standout offerings.

Business taking a hit at Summerside smoke shop due to tobacco rules, owners say
A store in Summerside that sells smoking devices for cannabis use like pipes, bongs and vaporizers says it is caught up in the province's recently changed rules around selling tobacco and electronic ...

Teen busted with 68 per cent pure MDMA, 932 grams of weed
A JUDGE has described MDMA with a purity level of 68.2 per cent as “pretty high quality” when sentencing a 20-year-old Townsville man in the Supreme Court.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The 10 Best Cannabis Accessories
Every cannabis lover has their favorite stash of accouterments, be it books, smoking accessories, or fashion statements. Why should it be any different for marijuana moms? Whether your mom is new to ...

Pass grass, not pathogens
The social aspect of smoking cannabis has always been one of its most basic virtues. It brings people together — at backyard barbecues, at concerts, out camping or hiking, at home or after work — ...

How technology & gadgets revolutionized the way we consume cannabis
As the market continues to develop, I'm sure we will see an ever-growing range of vapes to cater to every niche of users.

The Best Portable Dry-Herb Vaporizer In 2021
Sponsored by As any longtime user of cannabis, knows that routine use with a bong can really do a number on the ...

Local Smoking Domain
A rickety haven of closet-like rooms in an undistinguished strip mall off South Dixie Highway (with just a few hand-painted signs out front, it's easy to miss), LSD offers the full gamut of ...

Different Ways to Consume Marijuana
Regardless of their background, they all have something in common: they want to know how to consume marijuana efficiently and effectively without wasting money on ineffective methods. With technology ...

Drug user started smoking after mum’s death 14 years ago
A woman who started using drugs after her mother died when she was 14 and recently quit using drugs while living with her father and stepmother was warned against moving interstate with a friend.

Woman steals backpack from boy spouting profanities on playground: Berea Police Blotter
A Berea woman called police and said another woman had stolen a backpack from her 12-year-old son in Coe Lake Park on South Rocky River Drive. Also, someone called police and said two men were ...

Henderson Police arrest man on drug and fraud charges
Henderson Police say they made in arrest in connection to drugs and possible fraud charges Wednesday morning. Police say they spotted two people in an alley on the 1400 ...